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Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs:

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[This information is from Vol. IV, pp. 1480-1483 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.]

Among the Dukes of Austria between 976 and 1493 was Albrecht II, who reigned as Margrave of Austria and Duke of Bavaria in the year 1139. He died without posterity. In 1282 Albrecht III, Duke of Austria, reigned as Albrecht I, Emperor of Roman Germany. He was born in 1248, and assassinated in 1308. Albrecht II (The Wise) reigned as Duke of Austria, 1330-58. He married, and was succeeded by his son, Rudolph IV, who was succeeded by Albrecht III (the astrologer), his brother, who reigned 1365-95. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Karl IV, German Roman Emperor, who died in 1373. He married (second) Beatrixe, daughter of Friederich IV, of Nurmberg. He was succeeded by his only son, Albrecht IV, who reigned 1395-1404. He married Johanna, daughter of Albert, Count of Holland and Duke of Bavaria. Albrecht V succeeded his father, and reigned Duke of Austria, 1402, King of Hungary, King of Bohemia and German Roman Emperor, as Albrecht II, 1438-39, when he died. Six dukes of Austria now reigned until another Albrecht came to the throne. In 1475 [sic] Albrecht VI, born 1418, died 1463, came to the throne and reigned Count of Tyrol and Duke of Austria 1457-63. In 1493 this particular title seems to have become extinct with Maximillian, the First. It is from this line of Austrian dukes that Heinric Albrecht descended. The name in America has become Hendrick Albright, but the family name is Albrecht, and the given name Heinrich. The family were noble for centuries, and the emigrant to America was a man of means and education. The family everywhere that descend from this ancestor show the effects of those centuries of high breeding, and are distinguished in their several walks, inclining largely to the professions, particularly the pulpit and music. In the United States the name is a very familiar one, and has been given wide prominence by Rev. Jacob Albright, born near Pottsville, Pennsylvania, of German parentage, who became an exhorter and noted Methodist minister. He made many converts, almost exclusively Germans, and in 1800 a separate church was organized, Albright being first presiding elder. He was appointed bishop in 1807. His denomination is now known as the "Evangelical Association," but in many places its adherents are called "Albrights."

(I) The American progenitor of the Albright family of Voorheesville, Albany county, New York, is Hendrick Albright, born in Austria in 1716, and came to America in 1740. He was a man of means, as immediately upon his arrival he purchased four hundred acres of the best land in Guilderland, Albany county, now the town of New Scotland. He married Elizabeth Folent (Foland), and on their Guilderland farm, in 1783, he built the original stone house that was the family home for several generations, and stood in good repair until destroyed by fire in 1894. He was an ardent revolutionist, and so deep was his hatred of a Tory that it is said he ordered his son-in-law, ———— Strauss (who had joined the British army during the revolution), to quit not only the farm and neighborhood, but to leave the country. Although this was after the war had closed, Strauss was so impressed with the old man's warnings that he removed to Canada, where he remained until his death. Part of the original purchase of four hundred acres, which was divided among the four sons, has always remained in the Albright family. His wife Elizabeth was of Scotch birth and ancestry. Children:

  1. John, baptized August 6, 1749; married and had issue; Jacob, Hannah, Rachel, Elizabeth and Frederic;
  2. Eva, baptized September 29, 1751;
  3. Anna, November 11, 1753;
  4. Philip, September 28, 1755, died unmarried;
  5. Helena, January 15, 1758;
  6. Jacob, October 11, 1763;
  7. Hendrick, October 10, 1765, married Helen Bratt, and had children, including George W., a prominent attorney of Washington, District of Columbia;
  8. Frederick, baptized April 10, 1768.

(II) Jacob, son of Hendrick and Elizabeth (Foland) Albright, was born in Guilderland, Albany county, New York (now New Scotland), baptized October 11, 1763, died March 20, 1829. He inherited part of the paternal acres, and was engaged in their cultivation all his active years. He was a Whig in politics, and a member of the Dutch Reformed church. He married (first) Hannah Arnold; (second) Elizabeth Wheeler, born and reared on the Albright home farm. Children by first wife:

  1. Elizabeth;
  2. John, born in 1786;
  3. Henry, 1788, married Rosa Bradt;
  4. Hannah, 1793.

Children by second wife:

  1. Philip, born 1794, died, unmarried, 1834;
  2. Mary, 1795;
  3. Isaac, see forward;
  4. Magdaline, 1798, died unmarried;
  5. Jacob, 1800, died 1896, a farmer of Jordan, New York;
  6. Peter, 1803, died 1886, leaving two married daughters;
  7. Eve, 1805, married Solomon Wiltse, died in Syracuse, New York;
  8. Sarah, 1807, died young;
  9. Catherine, twin of Sarah, died young;
  10. Diana, born 1810, died 1874;
  11. Gideon, twin of Diana;
  12. Susan, born 1813, married Abraham Wynkoop;
  13. Mercy, twin to Susan, died in infancy.

(III) Isaac, seventh child of Jacob Albright, and the third by his second wife, Elizabeth (Wheeler) Albright, was born in the old stone house on the homestead farm in New Scotland, Albany county, New York, January 11, 1797, died January 20, 1888. He was a continuous resident of the original homestead farm until his death at the age of ninety-two years. He became the owner of that portion left to his father, and added many improvements. He was a faithful member of the Reformed church of New Salem, and never missed a service until a few weeks before his death, unless kept away by sickness or unavoidable detention. He was free from the bigotry of his day, called all Christians his brethren, and was a friend to all those persecuted for conscience sake. He was a strong Democrat, as had been his father and grandfather. His last vote was cast for the same party as his first had been. He was prosperous in worldly affairs, and gave to each of his sons a good farm. He married, September 9, 1820, Cicely, born November 4, 1801, died December 29, 1885, daughter of Peter Simmons, an early settler of Clarksville. Children:

  1. Peter S., born on the homestead farm, February 8, 1821, died March 3, 1899; he remained on the home farm until eight years after his marriage; in 1854 he purchased ninety acres adjoining, which he added to the original farm and cultivated until he retired from active labor; he was a Democrat, and a member of the Reformed church; he was prosperous, and respected; he married, March 14, 1846, in New Salem, Catherine Ellen Hallenbeck, born in Bethlehem, May 22, 1828, who survives him and lives at the old home with children surrounding her to minister to her in her old age. She is a daughter of Ephraim G. and Mary Magdalene (Bartlett) Hallenbeck, granddaughter of Isaac and Catherine E. (Provost) Hallenbeck, a descendant of Caspar Jacobse Holenbeck, who was in Beverwyck in 1654, died about August, 1703, leaving two sons, Isaac and Jan. Children of Peter S. and Catherine E. (Hallenbeck) Albright:
    1. Mary Magdalene, born May 2, 1848; married Henry Moak, and lives in Elsmere, New York; children:
      1. Dr. B. Harris Moak, the well-known bacteriologist of Brooklyn, New York, married Mary Smedley;
      2. William A. V. D. H., of Schenectady, New York, married Catherine Whitman;
      3. Marian G., unmarried.
    2. Sarah M., November 18, 1849; married Franklin M. Jones, a merchant of Albany, and has a son Carlton F.
    3. Isaac S., July 1, 1852; a farmer on the home estate; married Ella McCormick.
    4. Emmeline, March 10, 1858; married S. F. Fowler, whom she survives, residing at Altamont; has a daughter Lillian, who is connected with Dudley Observatory.
    5. Rocelia, February 26, 1860; married Alvenus Hurst, and has children: Ethlyn A., Mabel, Helen M., Mildred C., Mary Eleanor.
    6. George H., February 22, 1862, died in Denver, Colorado, 1882.
    7. Katherine M., March 30, 1864; unmarried; lives at home where her rare home-making talents are exercised for the comfort and happiness of her aged mother.
    8. Adelbert, March 17, 1871, graduate of Chicago Veterinary College; located in Mishwaukee, Indiana; married Etta Weidman, deceased.
    9. Odella, September 30, 1873; married David Finch, and has Hilda E., Merlin, David Nelson.
  2. Jacob, born March 28, 1822, see forward.
  3. Harriet, October, 1824; married James Houck, now of Clarksville, New York.
  4. Sarah, August 13, 1826; died, unmarried, aged seventy years.
  5. Emmeline, January 8, 1828; married John Ward, whom she survives; resides in Albany, New York; children: Julia, Celia, Nathan and Nellie, the latter deceased.
  6. Mary E., August 2, 1830; married James W. Reid, and left a large family.
  7. Isaac (2), see forward.

(IV) Jacob, son of Isaac and Cicely (Simmons) Albright, was born in the old homestead in New Scotland, Albany county, New York, March 28, 1822, died 1902. He was educated in the public schools, reared a farmer and on arriving at man's estate was given the farm by his father on which stood the old stone house built in 1783 by his grandfather, Hendrick Albright, the founder of the family in Albany county. He was the last to occupy the old stone house previous to its destruction by fire. He was a man of thrift and energy, and highly respected in his community. He was a Republican in politics, and a member of the Methodist church. He married (first) in New Scotland, Eliza E. Reid, born in the town in 1825, died 1867. She was a daughter of an early Scotch settler of Scotch parentage. She was also a member of the Methodist church, and reared her children in that faith. Children:

  1. Cicely, married James Beebe, a farmer of New Scotland, whom she survives; child, Irene, married John Weidman; children: Maud and Kenneth.
  2. Mary, married Abraham Koons, a farmer of the town; children: Emma, Rosetta, Jacob, George. Alice and Roy.
  3. Emma, married William Relyea, a farmer of New Scotland; child, Ada, married Frank Osterhout; children: Myra, Willard and Mildred.
  4. Catherine, married Lyman Bell; children: Jennie, Frederick, deceased; Catherine, married James Harkey.
  5. Isaac, graduated M.D. Albany Medical College, class of 1884, and is now practicing his profession in Chicago, Illinois.
  6. James, a farmer of South Dakota; married Belle Furgeson; children, Alice, Ralph, John.
  7. Harriet, married John V. Wynkoop, born February 6, 1855, son of Abraham and Susanna (Albright) Wynkoop, and grandson of Joshua Wynkoop, a revolutionary soldier; he is a farmer of New Scotland; children:
    1. Newton A., born January 4, 1876, died 1899; married Bertha Kneeholts, of Albany;
    2. Edna B., September 15, 1878; unmarried;
    3. Margaret Van O'Linda, February 16, 1883, married Conrad D. Hallenbeck;
    4. Elizabeth Shelp, October 10, 1894; unmarried.
  8. John W., see forward.
  9. Jacob, born 1861; married Ella Koons, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, children: Henry, Raymond, George and Elsie.
  10. Edward, a resident of Rutherford, New Jersey; married Elizabeth Hotaling, of New Scotland; children: Harry, Alice, Esther and Harold.

Jacob Albright married (second), Amanda O'Brien. Children:

  1. Ira, now a resident of Iowa, married Mildred Winne.
  2. Ivy, married George Van Atten, a farmer of the town of Bethlehem, Albany county, and has a daughter Ruth.
  3. Anna, married "Bert" Creble, a farmer of Feurabush, New Scotland, and has a daughter Naomi.

(V) John W., son of Jacob and Eliza E. (Reid) Albright, was born on the homestead farm in New Scotland, May 8, 1859. He was reared on the homestead, which came into his possession by purchase in 1908. He has brought the property to a high state of cultivation, and is considered one of the prosperous and substantial men of his town. He is a Republican in politics. He married, in Lysander, Onondaga county, New York, Belle Bratt, born in that town August 9, 1864, daughter of John and Matilda (Wilson) Bratt. John Bratt was a carpenter by trade; a member of the Christian church, and a Democrat, died in 1900. Mrs. Albright is the fourth of their six living children. Children of John W. and Belle (Bratt) Albright:

  1. Charles W., born May 14, 1889: served a term of enlistment in the United States Navy, and made part of the trip around the world with the battleship fleet in 1907-08; honorably discharged at San Francisco, account of sickness; is now a machinist, unmarried.
  2. Howard B., July 23, 1895.
  3. Wesley A., April 9, 1897.
  4. Henry Cary, August 23, 1903.

(IV) Isaac (2), youngest child of Isaac (1) and Cicely (Simmons) Albright, was born on the homestead farm in New Scotland, March 29, 1833. He has been engaged in agriculture all his life, and is now retired, living in New Salem village. He is a Republican in politics. He married Hannah E., daughter of Peter A. and Eleanor (Rosseau) Bradt, and maternal granddaughter of Frederick Rosseau, of French birth. Children:

  1. Peter, born October 19, 1858, died, June, 1908, unmarried.
  2. Jacob, July 17, 1860; married Frances Gilbert, and resides in Virginia City, Montana.
  3. Adam, see forward.
  4. Frank, born August 13, 1867; now a farmer of New Scotland; married Eunice Wheeler. Children: Mildred, Adelaide, Walter W., Charles and Irene.
  5. Ella, July 18, 1872; married Charles Livingston, and has a daughter Catherine (see Livingston VII).
  6. Edna M., May 20, 1874; a resident of Albany; unmarried.
  7. Isaac R., October 21, 1875; connected with the government mail service in Albany; married Helen Taylor; children: Denton, Robert R. and Alice.

(V) Adam, son of Isaac (2) and Hannah E. (Bradt) Albright, was born October 15, 1862. He was educated in the public schools, and developing remarkable musical talent was placed under capable instructors, who encouraged him to train and cultivate his voice for professional purposes. He placed himself under the best vocal instructors, including Madam P. H. Shafter, the famous vocalist, of Albany; Madame Edna A. Hall, of Boston, and other equally famed teachers. He worked hard to master his profession, and has gained fame. He sang in Trinity Church, Buffalo, and completely filled that great audience room. He is also an accomplished instrumentalist, and has charge of the auditing in the large Florida hotels during the winter months. He is well known in the musical world, and has established reputation both as an instructor and performer. He holds an important official position with the southern hotel syndicate. Mr. Albright is unmarried.

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