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Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of Schenectady:
Van Antwerp to Van Eps

[This information is from Contributions for the Genealogies of the Descendants of the First Settlers of the Patent and City of Schenectady, from 1662 to 1800 by Jonathan Pearson (Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1873). It is in the Schenectady Collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at Schdy R 929.1 P36c, and copies are also available for borrowing.]

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"Persons interested will find little difficulty in tracing back their pedigrees to the First Settlers, by keeping in mind the following facts. The names of all sons who subsequently became heads of families (so far as the compiler could find), are printed in italics: the husbands of daughters and the parents of both husbands and wives are in all cases mentioned when discoverable."

"Abbreviations used in the following pages: Ch: children; b., born; bp., baptized; m., married; a., aged; d., died."

Van Antwerp (Van Antwerpen)

DANIEL JANSE, born in 1635, was in Beverwyck in 1661, when he agreed to serve Adriaan Appel for one year, for 35 beavers (112 dollars), and found. Soon after Schenectady was settled, he became possessed of the Third flat on the south side of the Mohawk River, about 8 miles above Schenectady; in 1706 he sold the west half of his bouwery (63a., 79 rods) to his neighbor Jan Pieterse Mebie. His village lot was on the east side of Church Street, next north of the present church lot, and was 108 feet wide in front, and 206 feet deep, wood measure. In 1676 he was one of the five magistrates; in 1701 supervisor of the town. His wife was Maria, dau. of Simon Groot. Ch: Jan; Simon; Arent; Daniel; Pieter; Neeltje, bp. July 27, 1690, m. Andries De Graaf; Rebecca, bp. Dec. 25, 1692, m. Johannes Fort; Maria, bp. Jan. 3, 1695, m. Nicolaas Fort.

JAN, son of Daniel, m. Agnieta, dau. of Harmen Albertse Vedder, Nov. 24, 1700. [A Jan Danielse m. Jannetie Paulusse, wid. of Simon Janse Post, Mar. 9, 1692, in Albany.] He d. Jan. 26, 1756; she d. April, 1756. Ch. bp: Maria, Mar. 2, 1701, m. Nicolaas Hall; Harmanus, Jan. 17, 1703; Anna, April 29, 1705; Daniel, Oct. 16, 1707; Neeltie, April 28, 1710, in Albany; Sara, June 21 (?), 1712; Rebecca, March 2, 1715; in Albany, m. Daniel Simonse Van Antwerpen; Abraham, b. April 10, 1717; Arent, bp. May 7, 1719; Arent, June 9, 1722; Anna, Dec. 20, 1724.

SIMON, son of Daniel, m. Maria, dau. of Jacobus Peek, Dec, 22, 1706, in Albany. He bought land and settled in Schaghticoke in 1710; Oct. 13, 1718, "the commonalty (of Albany) have granted unto Simon Danielse, his heirs and assigns forever, a certain small creek on the south side of his land, to build a grist-mill thereon, provided he grinds no wheat for boulting except ye same be boulted within the city of Albany, for which he is to pay yearly, after January, 1724, six skeple wheat yearly." Ch. bp: Maria, Nov. 9, 1707; Lysbet, Jan. 15, 1710, in Albany; Rebecca, June 21 (?), 1712; Daniel, Dec. 18, 1714; Sara, May 13, 1716, in Albany; Daniel, Jan. 10, 1719; the following were bp. in, Albany: Margarita, Oct. 1, 1721; Jacobus, May 17, 1724, settled in New York (?); Johannes, Jan. 22, 1727; Lewis, Feb. 25, 1731.

ARENT, son of Daniel, m. Sara, dau. of Johannes Van Eps. Ch. bp: Maria, Dec. 25, 1706, in Albany; Lysbeth, Oct. 10, 1708, m. Gysbert Marselis; Neeltie, April 28, 1710, in Albany, m. Harmanus Van Antwerpen; Anna, Oct, 21, 1711, m. Dirk Groot; Daniel, Nov. 14, 1713; Maria, April 22, 1716, m. Wessell Wessells; Johannes, Feb. 8, 1718; Rebecca, Aug. 18, 1721, m. Teunis Pootman; Sara, Sept. 29, 1723, m. Louis Pootman.

DANIEL, son of Daniel, m. Ariaantie, dau. of Gerrit Simonse Veeder. He was not living March 12, 1746/7, when Gerrit Simonse made his will. Ch. bp: Wilhelmus; Maritje, May 3, 1713, m. Pieter Fonda; Gerrit, Dec. 18, 1714; Catharina, Jan. 28, 1716; Jannetje, Nov. 8, 1717, m. Lewis Peek; Abraham, Dec. 31, 1719; Helmer and Engeltie, Jan. 13, 1722; Engeltie, Aug. 30, 1724, m. John Freeman; Catrina, b. Feb. 12, bp. Feb. 18, 1727, m. Harmanus Franse Van de Bogart; Ariaantje, bp. Sept. 19, 1731, m. Reuben Hosford.

PIETER, son of Daniel, m. Engeltie, dau. of Johannes Mebie. Ch. bp: Annatie, March 8, 1718, m. Louis Groot; Daniel, April 2, 1720; Johannes, Nov. 11, 1721; Maria, Dec. 25, 1723, m. Jacobus Peek Jr.; Abraham, b. Nov. 12, bp. Dec. 19, 1725; Neeltie, b. Dec. 16, 1727, bp. January 7, 1728; Achien, bp. ————, 1730; Rebecca, Feb. 6, 1732, m. Dirk Van Petten; Catharina, Oct. 13, 1734, m. Willem Boon; Petrus, Oct. 24, 1736; Simon, Dec, 7, 1738; Margrietje, Sept. 12, 1742.

HARMANUS, son of Jan, m. Neeltje, dau. of Arent Danielse Van Antwerpen, Dec. 5, 1730, His house lot was on the east side of Washington Street, 190 feet north of State Street. Ch. bp: Johannes, Feb. 6, 1732; Daniel, b. Dec. 22, bp. Dec. 23, 1733: Arent, bp. Aug. 15, 1736; Abraham, Feb. 14, 1739; Elisabeth, May 3, 1741, m. Abraham J. Truax; Agnietje, Nov. 13, 1743; Agnietje, Aug. 2, 1747; Harmanus, Jan. 1, 1749.

DANIEL, son of Simon, m. Rebecca, dau. of Jan Danielse Van Antwerpen, Oct. 21, 1738. Ch. bp: Symon, Jan. 1, 1741; Johannes, Jan. 9, 1743; Johannes, Feb. 3, 1745; Angenietje, Dec, 2, 1750, in Albany; Annatie, January 23, 1757, in Albany.

JOHANNES, son of Simon, m. Catharina, dau. of Johannes Vedder, Aug. 11, 1750. He made his will 1757, proved Sept. 12, 1763, spoke of wife and two ch. Ch. bp: Symon, March 24, 1751, in Albany; Engeltie, April 15, 1753, in Albany; Johannes and Daniel, Dec. 25, 1754; Engeltie, January 11, 1756, m. Richard Bond (?).

ABRAHAM, son of Harmanus, m. Sarah, dau. of Johannes Van Antwerpen, June 13, 1761. Ch. b: Johannes, Oct. 12, 1763; Elisabeth, July 26, 1764; Harmanus, Aug. 7, 1767; Johannes, Oct. 15, 1772; Daniel, Aug. 26, 1774 (Church Record), 1775 (Family Record).

GERRIT, son of Daniel Danielse, m. first, Maria, dau. of Robert Yates, Nov. 30, 1736; secondly, Eva, dau. of Abraham Mebie, May 4, 1746, and thirdly, Catharina, dau. of Cornelis Brouwer, Nov. 10, 1752. He made his will in 1747, proved Oct. 25, 1753, spoke of dau. Ariaantje and Maria, son Daniel, and wife Catharina. His house lot, in 1747, was on the west side of Church Street, 231ft. north of Union Street. Ch. bp: Ariaantje, m. Lancaster Conner; Maria, Oct. 10, 1742; Daniel, Dec. 2, 1744; Daniel, May 31, 1747; Anna, Oct. 15, 1749, Gerrit, b. Oct. 15, 1753.

ABRAHAM, son of Jan Danielse, m. Anna, dau. of Pieter Mebie, Aug. 21, 1742. He d. March 7, 1792 (old Bible), June 14, 1795, a. 64ys., 4m. (gravestone in Glenville), the latter date wrong; she d. Aug. 15, 1810, a. 89ys., 6m. (grave stone on the "Fifth flat"). Ch. b: Johannes, Dec. 22, 1743, d. Feb, 17, 1746; Susanna, April 6, 1745, d. Dec. 29, 1746; Susanna, Nov. 29, 1747, d. January 22, 1748 (?); Johannes, Nov. 22, 1749, d. Jan. 19, 1750; Johannes, Nov. 22, 1751, d. Aug. 21, 1759; Susanna, Dec. 1, 1753, m. Nicolaas Barheit; Pieter, Dec. 4, 1755; Anganietje, Nov. 20, 1757, d. Dec. 2, 1829, a. 72ys., 13d.; Maria, Nov. 3, 1759; Sarah, Dec. 29, 1761, m. first, Johannes G. Becker, secondly, Gilbert Van Sice.

DANIEL, son of Jan Danielse, m. Helena, dau. of Cornelis Van Slyck, Oct. 17, 1736. She d. Feb. ——, 1794, in her 88th year. Ch: Johannes, bp. May 29, 1743.

SWERUS (Ahasuerus), son of Johannes, m. Margaret Rightmeyer. Ch. b: Helena, Nov. 18, 1783; Johannes, Nov. (Oct.) 17, 1785; Geertruy, Jan. 31, 1788.

DANIEL, son of Gerrit, m. Dirke Winne, in Albany, Dec. 5, 1766. Ch. b: Gerrit, Dec. 11, 1767; Willem, January 23, 1770. [See Albany Families.]

DANIEL, probably the same as the last, m. Gerritje Witbeck, Oct. 27, 1772, in Albany. Ch: Andries Witbeck, b. Jan. 30, 1774. (Daniel Van Antwerpen and wife Gerritje lived in Coeymans in 1794). [See Albany Families.]

JOHANNES, son of Arent, m. first, Lena (Helena) Wendell, dau. of Ahasuerus, Nov. 5, 1743, secondly, Maria, dau. of Jan Viele, April, 1773. Ch. b: Sara, July 16, 1744, m. Abraham Van Antwerpen; Daniel, Nov. 28, 1748; Anna, June 11, 1751, m. Johannes T. Marselis; Daniel, Oct. 29, 1754; Arent, Aug. 2, 1756; Ahasuerus, March 25, 1761; Elisabeth, Aug. 30, 1765. Ch. bp: Arent, Sept. 19, 1773; Johannes, Dec. 24, 1775; Elisabeth, Dec. 21, 1777; Debora, Feb. 20, 1780; Guy Jong, Feb. 8, 1782.

WILHELMUS, son of Daniel Danielse, skipper of Albany, m. Hilletje Van Vranken of "Ganestagioene," March 6, 1743/4. He made will 1781, proved Nov. 6, 1783, spoke of wife, but of no ch. Ch: Adriaantje, bp. Dec. 29, 1744.

SIMON, son of Pieter Danielse, m. Rebecca, dau. of Pieter Mebie of the Woestine. Ch. bp: Margarita, June 14, 1767; Susanna, Oct. 8, 1769, m. Christiaan Manning; Petrus, March 22, 1772; Johannes, Aug. 28, 1774; Abraham, b. Dec. 3, 1777 (grave stone in the Woestine), bp. Jan. 5, 1777, d. Aug., 1778; Annatje, Aug. 30, 1778; Neeltje, Aug. 26, 1781; Abraham, July 18, 1784; Sarah, b. April 7, 1787.

DANIEL, son of Pieter, m. Elisabet Keizer. He lived in "Corrysbush" in 1794. Ch. bp: Petrus, Dec. 15, 1745; Johannes, July 29, 1753; Annatje, Feb. 1, 1761, m. John Bond.

PETER, son of the last, m. Susanna, dau. of Richard Bond. He lived in "Corrysbush." Ch. b: Polly, July 25, 1787; Daniel, May 11, 1791; Sara, Sept. 25, 1793; Engeltie, February 21, 1795; John, Feb, 14, 1798; Richard, May 14, 1800.

JOHANNES, son of Pieter Danielse, m. Eva, dau. of Hendrick Vrooman, Jan. 29, 1747/8. Ch: Johannes, bp. Oct. 6, 1748.

ARENT, son of Harmanus, of "Nisthigioone," m. Hester, dau. of Samuel Cregier, Nov. 29, 1764, in Albany. Ch. bp. in Albany: Geertruid, Oct. 6, 1765; Neeltie, Feb. 26, 1767; Harmanus, Apr. 18, 1770. [See Albany Families.]

ARENT, son of Jan, of Schenectady, and Elisabeth, dau. of Nicolaas Groot of Nistagioene, m. Nov. 24, 1752, in Albany. Ch. bp: Johannes, Sept. 12, 1753; Nicolaas Dec. 7, 1755; Hester, Jan. 2, 1756.

ARENT, son of Johannes, m. Elisabeth Laping (Lappens). She was b. Dec. 25, 1759. (Arent V. A. d. in l805). Ch. b: Lena, April 11, 1782; Daniel, Dec. 3, 1783; Sarah, Oct. (Dec.) 22, 1785; Johannes, Nov. 12, 1787; Annatie, April 13, 1790; Ahasuerus, Oct. 2, 1792; Abram, June 16, 1795, d. Dec. 11, 1860; William, May 6 (16), 1798; Maria Brouwer, Sept. 18, 1801; Wendel, Mar. 16, 1804.

ABRAHAM, son of Pieter Danielse, m. Margarita Kaijer. Ch. bp: Anna, Nov. 10, 1754; Isaac Kaijer, Oct. 31, 1756; Maria, Jan. 14, 1759, m. Daniel Van der Heyden; Petrus, Sept. 26, 1762; Volkje, Dec. 23, 1764, m. Pieter Van Petten; Neeltie, Sept. 28, 1766, m. Harmanus H. Peek; Margarita, May 28, 1769.

LEWIS, son of Simon, of Schaghticoke, and of Halve Maan in 1771, m. Hendrikje Fonda (Van Buren), Nov. 27, 1754, in Albany. Ch. bp. in Albany: Simon, March 30, 1755; Douwe, July 24, 1757; Johannes, b. Jan. 12, 1760; Alida, b. March 16, 1762; Louys, b. Aug. 17, 1771. [See Albany Families.]

JOHANNES, son of Harmanus, m. Annatie Veeder, March 4, 1755. Ch. bp: Neeltie, Feb. 22, 1756; Johannes, Mar. 4, 1759.

HARMEN, son of Abraham, of "Nestigaune", m. Annatie Van Eps, Nov. 30, 1787. Ch. b: Sarah, Dec. 25, 1788; Geertruy, July 18, 1794.

SIMON, son of Daniel, m. Maria Dunbar, Nov. 20, 1761, in Albany. She d. April 11, 1826, a. 87ys., 11m. Ch. b. (and bp. in Albany): Rebecca, Sept, 19, 1762; Cornelia, Jan. 30, 1764; Saartje, Jan. 4, 1771; Sara, Jan. 27, 1774. [See Albany Families.]

SIMON, son of Johannes, m. Magdalena, dau. of Henricus Veeder. "This venerable couple died on the same day, Sept. 11, 1834, he a. 84ys., and she 82ys. of age." Ch. bp: Johannes, August 16, 1772; Judith, March 17, 1776. — Ch. b: Philip, Feb. 25, 1787, d. May 28, 1841; Hendrikus, June 5, 1791, a captain in the war of 1812, d. Sept, 8, 1834.

GERRIT, son of Gerrit, m. Rebecca, dau. of Jacob Fonda, March 12, 1774. He made his will Feb, 22, 1807, proved Aug, 20, 1810, spoke of wife and ch. Jacob, Cornelis, Catarina, Maria, Gerrit and Jellis; d. May (10?), 1809; she d. Aug. 5, 1828, a. 74ys., 7m., 20d. His grandfather Brouwer bequeathed him a house and lot in the village in 1765. Ch. bp: Jacob, Dec, 11, 1774; Cornelis, July 20, 1777, d. Jan. 29, 1815; Catarina, Sept. 16, 1781; Jilles, Oct. 6, 1782; Catrina, Feb. 11, 1784; Jellis, Jan, 28, 1787, Ch. b: Maria, May 24, 1789; Gerrit, Aug. 5, 1792; Jellis, Dec. 29, 1795.

JOHANNES, son of Daniel (?), m. Catlyna Yates in Albany, Aug. 12, 1778. Ch. b: Catlyna, Jan. 14, 1789; John, Feb. 20, 1806.

JOHN J., m. Abigail Johnson, Oct. 24, 1795.

JACOB, son of Gerrit, m. Maria, dau. of Andreas Rynex, July 17, 1795. In 1807 his father, by will, left him the "house and lot in Schenectady where he now lives," being No. 63 Union Street. He d. Sept. 21, 1839; she d. Dec. 3, 1863, in her 88th year. Ch. b: Rebecca, Oct. 26, 1795; Maria, Feb. 24, 1798; Catharina, Oct. 22, 1799; Geertruy, Dec. 14, 1801; Sarah, January 11, 1804; Catharine, Dec. 21, 1805; Susan Elisabeth, Sept. 21, 1808; Harriet, Dec. 31, 1810; Anna, Feb. 19, 1813.

PETER, son of Peter, m. Sarah, dau. of Johannes Rynex, August 28, 1797. Ch. b: Simon, March 1, 1798.

Van Arnhem

JACOBUS, and Catarina, dau. of Willem Bancker, both from colony Rensselaerwyck, m. Nov. 26, 1757. Ch. bp: Johannes, July 23, 1758; Willem, Oct. 1, 1759; Evert, Nov. 1, 1761; Annatie, Oct, 23, 1763; Henderick, March 10, 1766; Elisabeth, Dec. 20, 1767; Hester, Sept. 20, 1769; Thomas, Feb. 9, 1774; Helena, June 19, 1779.

JOHANNES JR., and Geertruy Siversen, both of Rensselaerswyck, m. Oct, 25, 1755. Ch. bp: Johannes, Nov, 21, 1756; Elisabeth, Dec. 16, 1759; Jurry, Dec. 22, 1765.

JOHANNES, son of Johannes, m. Jannetje Van Loon. Ch. bp: Geertruy, June 19, 1779; Petrus, Dec. 11, 1780; Jacob, Nov. 5, 1782; Jannetie, Jan. 11, 1785; Catalyntje, b. July 25, 1789.

ISAAC, of Helderbergh, m. Catharina Van Wie. Ch. b: Helena, May 28, 1785; Helena, Oct. 11, 1789.

WILLEM, son of Jacobus, of Normanskil, m. Helena, dau. of Abraham J. Wemple (?). Ch. b: Catharina, Sept. 7, 1785; Rachel, Oct. 13, 1789; Elisabeth Wemple, May 10, 1796.

EVERT, son of Jacobus and Lena, dau. of Johannes Hendrickse Vrooman, both of Rensselaerswyck, m. June 16, 1786. Ch: Johannes Vrooman, b. March 17, 1787.

Van Benthuysen

MARTIN, son of Paulus Martense of Albany, m. Feitje, dau. of Pieter Jacobse Borsboom, June 2, 1696, in Albany. Ch. bp: Pieter, Nov. 10, 1697; Catalyntje, May 5, 1700, m. Isaac Truex; Pieter, April 22, 1705.

MARTIN, perhaps son of Pieter last written, m. Cornelia, dau. of Ephraim Bratt. Ch. bp: Margarita, Feb. 27, 1780; Clara, Dec. 2, 1781; Peter, Aug. 31, 1783; Pieter, b. March 2, 1785; Petrus, b. March 11, 1787, not living 1801; Sophia, bp. April 30, 1789; Ephraim, b. Nov. 25, 1790.

Van Boekhoven

CLAES JANSE, an early settler in Albany, in 1662 owned a lot on the Vossen kil; 1672-7, in company with Ryck Claase Van Vranken, bought land over the river at Niskayuna, afterwards inherited by his step-son, Dirk Bratt; 1683 his wife was Volckertje Janse; about 1691 he m. Catalyntje, dau. of Andries De Vos, and wid. of Arent Andriese Bratt, after which time he became a resident of Schenectady; made his will Jan. 11, 1698; Ryer Schermerhorn and Dirk Arentse Bratt administered on his estate April 3, 1712, which estate passed equally to his six step-children (the Bratts).

Van Boskerk

LOURENS, m. Catharina Terhune. Ch: Peter, b. Dec. 17, 1796.

Van Brakel

GYSBERT GERRITSE, an early settler of Schenectady, made his will Dec. 10, 1709; gave to his son Gerrit the lot where Gerrit's house now stands, lying next to Jan Vroomans and Arent Danielse (Van Antwerpen's) lots, also his piece of land named Juffrouw's Land and half of the pasture, &c. His pasture of 5 morgens, bought of the patentees of Schenectady Feb. 11, 1702/3, extended along the south side of Union Street, from Ferry Street to Maiden Lane, and south about half way to State Street. In 1699 he bought the island west of Spuyten Duyvel, in the Mohawk River. His first wife was Reyntie Stephens; he m. secondly, Lysbet, wid. of Jan Van Eps, July 23, 1693, in Albany. Ch: Sander, killed by the French and Indians, Feb. 9, 1690; Stephen, carried away captive at the same time; Anneke, bp. in Albany, Dec. 6, 1685; Gerrit, eldest son, bp. in Albany, July 15, 1688; Gysbert, bp. in Schenectady, Jan. 3, 1695.

GERRIT, eldest son and heir of Gysbert, m. Catryntje, dau. of Claas Lourense Van der Volgen, Oct. 15, 1704. In 1754 he resided in the Maquaas land, lately of Schenectady. Ch. bp: Gysbert, Oct. 28, 1705; Maria, Feb. 15, 1710, in Albany; Claas, Oct. 12, 1712, in Albany; Sander, June 13, 1715; Reyntien, Sept., 1717; Claes, July 9, 1720; Neeltje, March 8, 1723.

GYSBERT, son of Gysbert, m. Marytje, dau. of Jan Hendrikse Vrooman, Jan. 1, 1717.

GYSBERT, son of Gerrit, and Maria Van Antwerpen, both born and dwelling in this place, m. July 5, 1730, Ch. bp: Catharina, May 30, 1731, m. Johannes Van der Heyden; Elisabeth, Dec., 1733; Rebecca, Sept. 28, 1745, in Albany; Neeltie, July 16, 1749, in Albany; Sara, Aug. 5, 1753, in Albany.

Van Buren

GOOSE, m. Baata Van Valkenburgh. Ch: Elisabeth, b. Jan. 27, 1799.

HENDRIK, m. Marytje Van den Bergh. Ch: Aaltie, b. March 10, 1785.

THOMAS, m. Catharine Van Dyck. Ch: Letty, b. Feb. 11, 1796.

PETER, m. Abigail Mudge. Ch. b: Catalina, Oct. 22, 1798; Jarvis, August 7, 1801; Catalina, April 9, 1804.

Van Coppernol

See Coppernol.

Van Curler

ARENT, was one of those characters who deserve to live in history. His influence among the Indians was unlimited, and in honor of his memory, these tribes addressed all succeeding governors of New York by the name of "Corlaer." He possessed feelings of the purest humanity, and actively exerted his influence in rescuing from the savages such Christians as had the misfortune to fall into their hands, of whose danger he might receive timely notice. On his marriage with Antonia Slaghboom, the widow of Jonas Bronck, about 1643, he visited Holland, and on his return, moved to the Flatts above Albany, where he had a farm. He was proprietor of a brewery in Beverwyck in 1661. Being a cousin of the Van Rensselaers, he had considerable influence in the colony, where he was a magistrate to the time of his death. He was one of the leaders in the settlement of Schenectady in 1661-2, and on the surrender of New Netherland, was specially sent for by Governor Nicoll to be consulted on Indian affairs and the interests of the country generally. He was highly respected by the governors of Canada, and the regard entertained for him by M. De Tracy, viceroy of that country, will be best judged of by the following extract of a letter which that high personage addressed him, dated Quebec, April 30, 1667:

"If you find it agreeable to come hither this summer, as you have caused me to hope, you will be most welcome, and entertained to the utmost of my ability as I have great esteem for you, though I have not a personal acquaintance with you. Believe this truth and that I am, sir, your affectionate and assured servant, TRACY."

Having accepted this invitation, Mr. Curler prepared for his journey. Gov. Nicoll furnished him with a letter to the viceroy. It bears date 20 May, 1667, and states that "Mons. Curler hath been importuned by divers of his friends at Quebec to give them a visit, and being ambitious to kiss your hands, he hath entreated my pass and liberty to conduct a young gentleman, M. Fontaine, who unfortunately fell into the barbarous hands of his enemies, and by means of Mons. Curler obtained his liberty." On the fourth of July following, Jeremias Van Rensselaer writing to Holland, announces that "our cousin Arendt Van Curler proceeds overland to Canada, having obtained leave from our general, and being invited thither by the viceroy, M. De Tracy." In an evil hour he embarked on. board a frail canoe to cross Lake Champlain, and having been overtaken, by a storm, was drowned, I believe, near Split Rock. In his death this country experienced a public loss, and the French of Canada a warm and efficient friend. [O'Callaghan's Hist. N. Netherland, I, 322.] Van Curler's village lot in Schenectady was probably on the north corner of Church and Union Streets, and his bouwery, after his death called Juffrouw's Landt, comprised 114 acres lying immediately southwest of the village. After his death this farm was sold in parcels to divers individuals. His wid. continued to reside in Schenectady until her death, Jan. 15, 1676/7. In consideration of the loss of her husband in public service, and of her house, barn and corn by fire, she received a license from Gov. Lovelace in 1672 to trade with the Indians. It was thought also, that her license would stop the quarrels of the other two tapsters, Cornelis Cornelise Viele and Akes Cornelise Gautsh (Van Slyck), the Indian. [Orders in Council, p. 127.] Mrs. Van Curler's will was admitted to probate in New York, and letters of administration issued to Willem Beeckman, Jan. 15, 1676. He reported April 5, 1681, the proceeds to be 10,805 guilders, 17 stivers in beavers, debts 21,171 guilders, 7 stivers. [Court Proceedings, Albany, I 20, 51.] Mr. Van Curler probably left no children.

Van Dalsen

HENDRICK, m. Neeltie Zabriskie, Ch. b: Willem, Dee 3, 1788; Henry, Dec. 6, 1790.

Van Den Bergh

NICOLAAS, m. Ariaantje Schermerhorn, Jan. 9, 1747/8.

CORNELIS, m. Anne Van Vranken. Ch: Maas, bp. Dec. 25, 1744.

EVERT, m. Annatje Lansing. Ch: Lena, bp. Sept. 28, 1760.

ABRAHAM, m. Rachel Siverse. Ch: Rachel, bp. Jan. 29, 1764.

WYNANT, and Francyntje Clute, both of Rensselaerswyck, m. Sept, 20, 1767.

MAAS, son of Cornelis, m. Catarina Schier. Ch: Anneke, bp. Oct. 18, 1775.

PETRUS, m. Maria Fort. Ch: Petrus, bp. Nov. 12, 1775.

EVERT, m. Jannetje, dau. of Sybrant Van Schaick. Ch. bp: Eva, June 15, 1777; Sybrant Van Schaick, Sept. 29, 1782; Catrina, May 30, 1784.

NICHOLAS, m. Annatje, dau. of Gerardus Clute. Ch: Cornelius, bp. Sept. 13, 1781; Gerhardus, b. Oct. 8, 1785.

DANIEL, m. Ann Maemolem. Ch: Willem, bp. March 26, 1784.

JOHANNES, m. Eva Van Alstyne. Ch: Antje, b. June 24, 1787.

MATTHIAS, m. Catharina Ray. Ch: Ryckert, b. Oct. 15, 1796.

GYSBERT, of Stillwater, m. Sarah Van Schoonhoven of Schenectady, March 7, 1795. Ch: Hendrik, b. Jan. 22, 1797.

Van Der Baast

JORIS AERTSE, surveyor, and in 1689 clerk or secretary of Schenectady. He called himself an "Amsterdam boy;" in 1670 bought of Bastiaan De Winter a house and lot on the south corner of Union and Church Streets, where he was killed on the night of Feb. 8, 1690, by the French and Indians. Feb. 27, 1698/9, the trustees of Schenectady, united with Pieter Bogardus, attorney for the heirs of Joris A. Van der Baast, in a conveyance to Gysbert Marselis of Albany, of Joris's Great island in the Mohawk River, between Scotia and Claas Graven's Hoek, and of the adjacent small islands except Kruisbessen and Spuyten Duyvel islands; said lands comprising 15 morgens, having been bought by Joris, of Jan De La Warde; also a house and lot in Schenectady and three morgens of land for a hofstede near land of wid. of Claas Graven.

Van Der Bogart

HARMEN MYNDERTSE, b. in 1612, came to New Netherland in 1631 as surgeon of the ship Eendracht, and continued in the West India Company's service until 1633, after which he resided in New Amsterdam until appointed commissary to Fort Orange. He was highly respected, though from all accounts, he appears to have been of an irascible temper. An instance is mentioned of his having attempted, in the excitement of a high quarrel, when both appear to have been in a violent passion, to throw the director general out of a boat in which they were sailing on the river; he was with difficulty prevented from accomplishing his purpose. He came to a violent death, I believe, in 1647 or 1648, and Carl Van Brugge succeeded him as commissaris at Fort Orange. [O'Callaghan's Hist. New Netherland.] Surgeon Van Der Bogart made his will in 1638, and left his property to his wife, Jillisje Claese Schouw of Zierickzee in Holland. After his death his wid. m. Jan Labbadie of Beverwyck. Ch: Myndert, bp. in New York, May 3, 1643; Frans, bp. Aug. 26, 1640, in New York; Lysbet, m. Harmen Janse Knickelbacker.

MYNDERT, son of Surgeon Van der Bogart, m. Helena, dau. of Jacob Janse Schermerhorn. He was a very active partisan in Leisler's time, by whom he was appointed justice of the peace in 1690. In company with Robert Sanders he obtained a patent, in 1686, for 12,000 acres of land in Dutchess County, including the site of Poughkeepsie, and soon after removed from Albany with his family, upon it. Ch. bp. in Albany; Jacobus; Myndert; Johannes, Jan. 18, 1685; Cornelis, Dec. 15, 1686; Elisabeth, Sept. 30, 1688; Catarina, Aug. 10, 1690; Reyer and Francis, June 5, 1692.

FRANS, son of Surgeon Van der Bogart, m. Annetje Tjerkse, and settled in Schenectady before 1684, where he was killed Feb. 9, 1690, by the French and Indians. His wid. afterwards m. "Fil Harrits," March 25, 1692. Ch: Claes; Tjerk.

CLAES, son of Frans, m. Barber, dau. of Takel Heemstraat of Albany, Dec. 31, 1699. Ch. bp: Anna, Nov. 10, 1700, m. Abraham Lighthall; Frans, Aug. 22, 1703; Maria, Oct. 28, 1705, m. Pieter Veeder; Grietje, Feb 9, 1709, in Albany, m. Alexander Vedder; Jillisje, March 6, 1711, m. Johannes Hall; Sara, Feb. 28, 1714, m. Arent A. Vedder; Takerus, March 23, 1717.

TJERK FRANSEN, son of Frans, m. Grietje, dau. of Harmanus Vedder. She made her will July 19, 1777, proved May 1, 1781, and spoke of the following Ch. as then living except Margariet and Geertruy. Ch. bp: Frans, Jan. 13, 1716/7; Margariet, March 29, 1718; Harmanus and Helena, July 21, 1721, she m. Richard Collins; Nicolaas, May 11, 1723; Catrina, b. Feb. 3, and bp. Feb. 27, 1725, m. …… Calvin; Feytje and Agnietje, b. and bp. Dec. 24, 1726, the first m. Voorhis, of New Jersey, the. second m. …… Nixon; Geertruy, July 19, 1729; Annatie, m. …… Nixon.

FRANS, son of Claes Fransen, m. Hester, dau. of Abraham Groot, Nov. 8, 1726. He d. May 19, 1775, in his 73d year. Ch. bp: Claes, b. June 6, bp. June 11, 1727; Abraham and Hester, Dec. 17, 1732, she m. Albert Vedder.

TAKERUS, son of Claes Fransen, m. Neeltje, dau. of Arnout De Graaf, Feb. 2, 1744/5. He lived on the north side of Front Street, opposite the north end of Church Street; d. in 1799. Ch. bp: Adriana, Sept. 15, 1745, m. Bernard F. Schermerhorn; Nicolaas, Feb. 14, 1748 Margriete, July 15, 1750, m. Philip Vedder; Johannes, April 30. 1753.

HARMANUS FRANSE, son of Tjerk, m. Catharina, dau. of Daniel Danielse Van Antwerpen, May 18, 1745. Ch. bp: Margriet, Sept. 22, 1745; Margriete, Dec. 21, 1746; Margrieta, October 29, 1749; Adriana, July 14, 1751; Ariaantje, Aug. 8, 1752; Margarieta, July 6, 1755, m. first, Adam Kittle, who was killed in the Revolutionary war, and secondly, one Williams, and was living in 1840 at Maripoosa, Upper Canada; Nicholas, Dec. 11, 1757.

CLAAS, son of Frans, m. Rachel, dau. of Joseph Yates, Aug. 8, 1752. He was dead at the baptism of his last child. Ch. bp: Anna, Sept, 12, 1753, m. Abraham Lighthall; Frans, Feb, 23, 1755; Joseph, Nov. 21, 1756; Claas Fransen, March 4, 1759.

NICOLAAS, son of Tjerk, m. first, Ariaantje Schermerhorn, Jan. 9, 1747/8, and secondly, Anna Van Vorst, July, 1753. He was dead at the baptism of his last child. Ch. bp: Tjerk, March 5, 1754; Frans, May 4, 1755; Rachel, Feb. 6, 1757; Margarita, July 16, 1758.

NICHOLAS, and wife Margaret were living in Albany County 1784; 1795 he lived in Jericho, in said county, "late corporal" in the First New York regiment, having faithfully served 7ys. and 3 m., received 600 acres of land as a bounty, which he sold to John McMillan.

CLAAS, son of Takerus, m. Elisabeth, dau. of Isaac Marselis, Sept. 16, 1769. Ch. bp: Johannes, Jan. 27, 1770; Isaac, Jan, 17, 1773, d, March 10, 1845, in his 73d year; Neeltje, April 21, 1776; Sarah, March 26, 1780, m. Jacobus Rosa; Takerus, Oct. 3, 1784; Frans, b. Nov. 11, 1787, d. Nov. 22, 1824.

JOSEPH, son of Claas, m. Rachel Pietersen. He served in Capt. Fonda's and Capt. Peek's companies in the Revolutionary war. Ch. bp: Eva, Sept. 26, 1779; Claas Fransen, April 11, 1784. Ch. b: Petrus, June 18, 1786; Johannes, Nov. 13, 1788; Rachel, Sept. 18, 1793; Huybertje Yates, March 14, 1796,

JOHANNES, son of Claas, m. first, Annatje Van Vorst, Aug. 2, 1789, and secondly, Neeltje or Eleanor Osburn about 1801. He d. Sept. 8, 1846, in his 76th year. His second wife was b. July 30, 1775, and d. Nov. 1, 1834. Ch. b: Nicholas, Jan. 10, 1789 (grave stone), 1790 (Church Record), d. Jan. 11, 1850; Margarit, April 23, 1792; Elisabeth, May 5, 1796; Annatje, July 16, 1802; Francis, Feb. 28, 1806; Sarah, Sept. 2, 1809; John, Dec. 14, 1811; John, April 1, 1814.

Van Der Heuvel

CORNELIS W., m. Remptje Speeleveld. He was a druggist in partnership with Doctor Dirk Van Ingen, and professor of mathematics and natural philosophy in Union College in 1798; died in 1799. He owned the lot on the south corner of Union and Ferry Streets, which was sold by his executors in 1802, to Richard Cook, his wife being about to return to Holland. Ch. b: Alida, June 9, 1794; Maria, Feb, 18, 1796; Cornelius Willem, June 6, 1798.

Van Der Heyden

JOACHIM, son of Dirk, of Albany, widower of Anna, dau. of Daniel Ketelhuyn of Albany, m. Bata, dau. of Johannes Clute of "Konnestagioone," banns, July 10, 1730, Ch. bp: Bata, April 13, 1740, m. Matthias Bovie; Matthys, March 7, 1742; Abraham, Oct. 28, 1744. [See Albany Families.]

JOHANNES, son of Joachim above, m. Catarina, dau. of Gysbert Van Brakelen. Ch. bp: Maria, June 26, 1757; Rachel, May 31, 1761. [See Albany Families.]

JOHANNES, "advocaat van Albany," and Mary Butler of Schenectady, m. Aug. 1758.

DAVID, son of Dirk, of Albany, m. Emmetje Van Vorst. He served in Capt. Willem Pieters company in the Revolutionary war, d. July 9, 1840, in his 82d year; she d. July 8, 1805, a. 59 ys. 3m., 3d. Ch: Margarita, bp. July 8, 1781. Ch. b: Maria, Jan. 3, 1784, d. Dec. 24, 1805; Annatje, Feb. 24, 1786; Johannes, April 31 (sic), 1787 (?); Evah, Jan, 25, 1789; Cornelius, Nov. 27, 1791; Elisabeth, May 8, 1793; Elisabeth, Dec. 10, 1795; Dirk, Sept. 19, 1798; Daniel, Nov. 4, 1800; Debora, Nov. 17, 1801. David Van der Heyden was an Indian trader, travelling as far west as Detroit; his village lot was on the north corner of Union and College Streets. Gitty Thalimer, consort of David Van der Heyden, d. June 23, 1822, in her 69th year.

DANIEL, son of Dirk, of Albany, m. Maria, dau. of Abraham Van Antwerpen. Ch. b: Dirk, bp. July 11, 1784; Margarietje, b. Oct., 1786; Annatje, March 30, 1790; Engeltje, June 15, 1792; Eva, Dec. 2, 1794; Abraham, Aug. 21, 1797; David, April 21, 1800.


DIRK, m. Jannetje Van der Werken. Ch: Abraham, b. Oct. 20, 1783.

Van Der Merken

JOHN, m. Cornelia Van Den Bergh. Ch. b: Sylvester, Dec. 15, 1798; Jacob, Aug. 28, 1802.

Van Der Volgen (Van Purmerent)

CLAAS LOURENSE, one of the early settlers of Schenectady, m. Maritie, dau. of Teunis Cornelise Swart. His house lot, in the village, comprised the lots on which the Myers stores and Van Horne Hall now stand. At the burning of Schenectady, his son Lourens was carried away prisoner to Canada. Ch. bp. in Albany: Lysbeth, May 9, 1686, m. Dirk Groot; Claas, Aug. 7, 1687; Ariaantje, May 18, 1690; Ariaantje, Feb. 12, 1693, m. first, Arnout De Graaf, and secondly, Harmanus Vedder; Neeltje, m. Pieter Simonse Veeder; Cornelis; Lourens Claese; Teunis; Catryntje, m. Gerrit Gysbertse Van Brakel.

CORNELIS, son of Claas Lourense, m. Elisabeth; made his will March 24, 1731/2, proved Dec. 30, 1735, spoke of his wife, brothers, sisters, &c., but not of any children. His wife, after his death, m. Joseph Van Sice. He lived on the Van Horne Hall lot, which he left to his wife. His brother Lourens lived on the lot next east, Nos. 153 and 155, now the Myers house lot.

TEUNIS, son of Claas, m. Sara Harmens Freer. Ch. bp: Claas, June 26, 1709, in Albany; Jannetje, October 21, 1711; Marigien, Oct. 9, 1715; Neeltje, Oct. 12, 1713, in Albany; Catrina, Mar. 1, 1718; Jacomyntje, July 3, 1720, m. Arent Slingerland of Albany; Lysbet and Ariaantje, Aug. 31, 1723, the former m. Johannes Heemstraat.

CLAAS, son of Claas, m. Rebecca, dau. of Simon Groot. Ch: Frederic, bp. March 6, 1711.

LOURENS CLAESE, son of Claas, m. first, Geertruy, dau. of Claas Van Petten, and secondly, Susanna Welleven, Sept. 18, 1722. At the destruction of Schenectady, Feb. 8, 1690, be was carried away captive to Canada, by the Indians, with whom he remained several years, as late as 1699, acquiring a perfect knowledge of their language. After his return he was appointed interpreter of the province for the Five Nations, which office he held till his death about 1740. In 1701 Abraham Gouverneur, speaker of the provincial assembly, prayed Governor Nanfan to use no interpreter for the Indians but Lawrence Claessen, the sworn interpreter. His salary was 30 pounds till 1724, when it was raised to 60 pounds. He made his will Aug. 30, 1739, proved Oct., 1742; spoke of his second wife as then deceased, and of his ten children then living, viz: Neeltie, wife of Sander Van Eps; Eva and Maritie, ch. of his first wife; and the seven by his second wife. Ch. bp: Neeltie, May 3, 1713, m. Sander Van Eps; Eva, August 27, 1715; Eva, Nov. 30, 1717, m. Philip Ryley; Marytje, March 5, 1720, m. Simon, Johannese Veeder; Lourens Claesse (or Claes Lourense by his father's will), Sept. 1, 1722; Catrina, June 21, 1724, m. Reinier Meyndertse; Elisabeth, b. Sept. 7, bp. Sept. 12, 1725, m. Willem Schermerhorn; Ariaantje, b. July 11, bp. July 16, 1727, m. Maas M. Van Vranken; Geertruy, Aug. 2, 1729; Cornelis, July (?) 25, 1731; Petrus, June 10, 1733.

CORNELIS, son of Lourens Claese, m. Rebecca Fort, April 22, 1756. She d. April 17, 1791, a. 55ys., 17d; he made his will May 14, 1782, proved Jan. 2, 1787; spoke of wife Rebecca, and of ch. Susanna, Elisabeth and Lourens, of his brother-in-law, Johannes Fort, and of his brothers Claes and Petrus. He d. January 16, 1786, a. 55ys., 6m., 6d. Ch. bp: Susanna, March 29, 1761; Susanna, April 29, 1764; Lourens, Aug. 4, 1766; Susanna, July 16, 1769, m. Henry H. Peek, d. June 1, 1792; Johannes, Dec. 2, 1771; Elisabeth, b. Aug. 10 (grave stone), bp. Aug. 9 (Church Record), 1773, d. Aug. 11, 1792; Lourents, bp. May 5, 1776.

PETRUS, son of Lourense Claese, m. Geertruy, dau. of Myndert Myndertse, Nov. 7, 1761. Ch. bp: Lourens, Dec. 23, 1764; Lourens, Jan. 11, 1767; Susanna, February 4, 1770, m. Johannes S. Schermerhorn; Myndert, Oct. 18, 1772, m. Eleanor Voght, d. in Princetown, Oct. 14, 1843, a. 71ys.

NICOLAAS, son of Lourens Claese, m. Sarah, dau. of Abraham Truex; banns, Sept. 16 1749. He was a merchant and lived upon the lot on which the Myers house stands. He gave to the Dutch church 150 pounds for the purchase of an organ, which was burned with the church in 1861. He d. May 21, 1797, a. 74ys., 9m.; his wife d. Aug. 1, 1795, a. 65ys., 10m., leaving no ch. living. Ch. b: Susanna, b. July 12, bp. July 17, d. July 27, 1768; Lourens Claessen, April 1, 1771, d. Aug. 1, 1791.

LOURENS CLAESSEN, son of Cornelis, m. Engeltie, dau. of Barnhardus F. Schermerhorn, May 24, 1794. Ch. b: Rebecca, Dec. 13, 1794; Freeman Schermerhorn, Nov. 18, 1796; Susanna, Sept. 28, 1799; Margaret; Cornelis; John; Peter, living in Albany; Eleanor.

Van Der Werken

BARENT, m. Molly Barted (Barten). Ch: Margarita, bp. Feb. 1, 1780; Elisabeth, b. July 10, 1781; Barent, May 31, 1783.

Van Der Werven

MARTINUS, m. Margarita Oyens, Feb. 19, 1727.

Van Der Zee

WOUTER, m. Maria Berger. Ch: Maria, b. Jan. 17, 1797.

Van Deusen

ABRAM, m. Elisabeth Ostrander, Nov. 1795. Ch: Catharine, bp. December 11, 1796; Thomas, b. April 5, 1802.

MELGERT, m. Neeltje Quackenbos. Ch: Abraham, bp, Feb. 6, 1759,

Van De Water

MICHAEL, m. Catharina Pulver. Ch: Jacob, b. June 8, 1787.

Van Ditmars

BARENT JANSE, in Schenectady as early as 1670, m. Catalyntje De Vos, wid. of Arent Andriese Bratt; owned land on the south side of the Mohawk, near the Steene Kil; he had a son Cornelis, who m. Catharina Glen, dau. of Sander Leendertse (?); after his death she m. Gerrit Lansingh Jr. Both father and son were killed by the French and Indians, Feb. 9, 1690.

Van Driessen

PETRUS, son of Domine Petrus Van Driessen of Albany, m. Engeltie Vrooman. He made will in 1751, proved April 19, 1762, then called trader, spoke of wife Engeltie and ch. Johannes, Petrus, Mary and Anna. Ch. bp: Johannes, March 11, 1744; Petrus, Oct. 26, 1746; Petrus, Oct. 18, 1747; Anna, Dec. 2, 1750; Eva, Sept. 3, 1754, m. Johannes De Graaf.

JOHANNES, son of Petrus, m. Margarita, dau. of Isaac Truex, June 22, 1770. Ch. bp: Catalyntje, Jan. 20, 1771; Henderick, March 21, 1773; Annatje, Sept. 10, 1775; Sarah, Jan. 4, 1778.

HENDRICK, son of Petrus, m. Hanna Johnson. He was deceased at the baptism of his last child. Ch. bp: Petrus, May 9, 1773; Willem, Oct. 20, 1776; Hendrick, May 2, 1779,

Van Dyck

HENDRICK, came from Utrecht in 1645. He was schout fiscaal under Stuyvesant who dismissed him from office, on which account he appealed to the States General for redress. In 1652 he stated that he had served the West India Company and the States General thirteen years, as ensign commandant and as fiscaal; and at this time was burthened with a wife, Duvertje Cornelise, and four children of whom two were Cornelis; and Lydia, wife of Nicolaas De Meyer. He d. in 1688.

CORNELIS, son of Hendrick, received a chirurgeon's certificate in 1661, from Jacob D'Hinsse of Albany, with whom he studied medicine four years. He practiced his profession in Albany until his death in 1686. His first wife was Elisabeth Lakens; the second, Elisabeth Beek, wid. of Capt. Sylvester Salisbury; after Van Dyck's death, she m. Capt. George Bradshaw, Oct. 29, 1691; in 1692 she was again a wid., and was deceased in 1701. Ch: Hendrick, chirurgeon, settled in Albany; Jacobus; Alida, bp. Apr. 20, 1684, in Albany; Elisabeth, bp. Aug. 22, 1686, in Albany. [See Albany Families.]

JACOBUS, son of Cornelis, chirurgeon, settled in Schenectady, where he practiced his profession until his death. For many years he was surgeon of the fort at one shilling a day. His house lot was on the west side of Church Street, about 50 feet north of State Street. He m. Jacomyntje, dau. of Johannes Sanderse Glen, Oct, 25 (Nov. 9), 1694. Ch. bp: Elisabeth, June 30, 1697; Cornelis, Aug. 28, 1698.

CORNELIS, son of Jacobus, m. first, Maritje, dau. of Jan Pieterse Mebie of the Woestine, November 12, 1721, and secondly, Margarita, dau. of Arent Bratt, March 16, 1738. He was a physician; made his will 1758, proved February 15, 1759, when the following ch. were living, except Arent, Andries, Elisabet and Annatje. Ch. bp: Elisabet, Sept. 8, 1722, m. Harmanus Bratt; Johannes, May 24, 1724, of Canajoharie, 1771; Jacobus, b. March 17, bp. Mar. 20, 1726; Annatje, b. Dec. 27, bp. Dec. 30, 1721; Hendricus, Aug. 29, 1731; Jacomina, Sept, 16, 1733, m. Johannes Baptist Wendel; Arent, Feb. 14, 1739; Cornelis, Oct. 8, 1740; Andries, Sept. 22, 1745.

Col. CORNELIS, son of Cornelis, m. Tanneke, dau. of Joseph Yates, Feb. 20, 1762. In the Revolutionary war he was Lt. Col. of the First New York regiment, commanded by Col. Goose Van Schaick, and d. June 9, 1792. His wife made her will Aug. 4, 1812, proved July 2, 1913, by which she left her real estate to Eva, wife of Ahasuerus Wendel; spoke of Henry, Cornelis and Abraham, sons of Hendrick Van Dyck, and of "my father, Joseph Yates," but not of any children.

HENDRICK, son of Cornelis, m. Engeltje, dau. of Abraham Mebie, June 8, 1753, in Albany. In 1766 he was of Corrysbush. Ch. bp: Anna, March 23, 1759, m. Ephraim S. Bratt; Elisabeth, Feb. 8, 1761, m. Hendrick Delamont; Cornelis, Feb. 27, 1763; Margarita, Mar. 3, 1765, m. Jeronimus Van Valkenburgh; Jacomyntje, Nov. 15, 1767, m. Frederic D. Van Petten; Abraham, Dec. 2, 1769; Johannes, Dec. 22, 1771; Eva, b. May 26, 1774 (5), bp. June 25, 1775, m. Caspar Van Wormer, and d. Dec. 26, 1851, a. 76ys., 6m., 30d buried in West Glenville.

PIETER, son of Henricus of Albany (?), m. Alida, dau, of Johannes Barheit. She d. June 10, 1839, a. 80ys., 15d. Ch. bp: Catarina, Nov. 7, 1779; Johannes, Sept. 23, 1781; Lena, April 11, 1784. Ch. b: Petrus, Sept. 22, 1785; Maria, Oct. 16, 1787; Joseph, April 12, 1789; Alida, Apr. 9, 1791; Margarietje, June 9, 1794.

CORNELIS, son of Henricus of Albany (?), m. Elisabeth Rikkert. Ch: Johannes, bp. Feb. 26, 1781.

CORNELIS, son of Hendrick, m. Marytje, dau. of Dirk Van Petten, March 11, 1781. She d. June 20, 1861. Ch. b: Hendrick, Sept. 7, 1787; Rebecca, Dec. 21, 1789; Engeltie, March 6, 1793; Catharina, August 20, 1796; Elisabeth, Dec. 23, 1798; Dirk, Feb. 6, 1801, d. Nov. 11, 1853; Abraham, Apr. 2, 1803; Sophia and Annatje, twins, Oct. 11, 1806.

JACOB, m. Charlotta Lawrence. Ch: Johannes, bp. June 1, 1782.

PIETER, m. Margarita Thompson. Ch: Johannes, bp. Aug. 18, 1784. Ch. bp: Gerrit, April 4, 1786; Cornelia, June 16, 1791; Aaron Thompson, March 2, 1794; Jacob, Oct. 23, 1796; Maria, Aug. 2, 1802.

HENDRICK, m. Eva, dau. of Abraham Groot. Ch. b: Cornelis, March 30, 1785; Abram, Dec. 23, 1786; Abram, Dec. 16, 1787.

ABRAM, son of Hendrick, and Annatje, dau. of Johannes Erichzon, both of Normanskil, m. September 25, 1792. Ch. b: Engeltie, Sept. 29, 1793; Annatje, Oct. 30, 1796.

PETER, of Sink-Hoik, and Margarita Staats of Hoogebergh, m. Sept. 28, 1796.

Van Eps

DIRK, m. Maritie Damen, and had two children, Johannes, and Lysbet who m. Gerrit Bancker of Albany. After Van Eps death his wid. m. Hendrick Andriese Van Doesburgh, and had a dau. Jannetie b. in 1653, who m. Martin Cregier, and settled in Niskayuna. Van Doesburgh was a considerable dealer in real estate in Beverwyck, and d. about 1663. His wid. m. Cornelis Van Nes in 1664. She received a patent May 8, 1668, for a parcel of land at Canistigioone, opposite the "Great Island," and between the two creeks, which land passed to her dau. Jannetie, wife of Martinus Cregier Jr., on her death; Jannetie, by will, gave her son Martinus, vintner of New York, the east half and the house, which his wid. and ch. conveyed to Eldert Tymesen in 1741 for 750 pounds. Maritie Damen also owned a house and lot in North Pearl Street, Albany, which fell to her dau. Jannetie; she was not living in 1682.

JOHANNES, son of Dirk, m. Elisabeth Janse. His mother purchased for him a bouwery on the Groote Vlachte and a house and lot in the village in 1664. His lot, about 200ft. square, was on the north corner of State and Church Streets. In the massacre of 1690 he was killed with two of his children. His wid., afterwards, July 23, 1693, m. Gysbert Gerritse Van Brakel. Ch: Johannes Baptist, eldest son, b. 1673; Evert; Sara, m. Arent Danielse Van Antwerpen; Elisabeth, m. first, Teunis Viele, and secondly, Jillis Van Vorst; Maria, m. Dirk Bratt; Anna, m. Coenraat Ten Eyck.

JAN BAPTIST, son of Johannes, m. Helena, dau. of Johannes Sanderse Glen, July 9, 1699. He was taken captive by the French and Indians when Schenectady was burned, Feb. 9, 1690; and after remaining with them three years effected his escape in the following manner: "1692/3, Feb. 8, Wed., about 2 o'clock afternoon, we had the alarm from Schenectady, that the French and their Indians had taken the Maquas castles; soon after we had the news that a young man named Jan Baptist Van Eps (taken at Schenectady 3 years ago) was run over from the French, as they were to attack the first castle of the Mohogs, and came to Schenectady, who related that the French were 350 Christians and 200 Indians," &c. [Colonial Documents, IV, 16.] During his captivity he acquired a knowledge of the Indian language, and was subsequently often employed as interpreter and embassador to the Five Nations. In 1701 the sachems say, "Wee have a small right in the Maquase river att Canastagiowne, to Witt, five small islands containing about five or six acres between Rosendael and Cornelis Tymesen's, which wee give to Jan Baptist Van Eps and Lourens Claese (Van der Volgen), the two interpreters, to be equally divided between them; Jan Baptist to have the uppermost halfe, and Lawrence the lowermost, and that in consideration because they take much pains in interpreting." [Colonial Documents, IV, 906.] In 1706 Jan Baptist lived upon the east corner of State and Jay Streets, the latter being his private lane leading to his land in the rear and along Cowhorne creek, upon which he had a corn mill situated a few rods below the present tan works. Isaac Quackenbos became possessed of a portion of his land extending east and north to Prospect Hill and Union Street, which land passed to his son, Johannes Quackenbos, whose dau. Maria, late wife of Mr. Abraham O. Clute, inherited the same. Jan Baptist's house lot on State Street, extended from the West side of Jay Street to Cowhorne creek. Ch. bp: Johannes, May 5, 1700; Anna, March 22, 1702, m. Ahasuerus Wendel; Elisabeth, May 14, 1704, m. Dirk Marselis; Sander, July 2, 1706; Maria, Oct. 9, 1708, m. Elias Post; Jan Baptist, Sept. 27, 1713 in Albany; Jacobus, Nov. 26, 1715; Jacomyna, March 29, 1718, m. Takel Marselis; Helena, May 28, 1721, m. Willem Pieterse; Catarina, b. Nov. 16, 1723, m. Adam Van Slyck.

EVERT, son of Johannes, m. first, Eva, dau. of Carel Hanse Toll, July 8, 1705, and secondly, Elisabeth, dau. of Isaac Truex, July 19, 1729. In 1704 he owned the lot in Washington Street, on which stands the house of the late Hon. Alonzo C. Paige. Ch. bp: Johannes, April 14, 1706; Lysbeth, Feb. 8, 1708, m. Hendrick Brouwer; Johannes, Apr. 28, 1710, in Albany; Marytje, June 21 (?), 1712; Neeltje, Dec. 18, 1714; Mary, ————, 1716, m. Tobias Ryckman; Abraham, May 18, 1717; Abraham, Jan. 2, 1720; Neeltje, Dec. 22, 1722; Carel, July 3, 1724; Annatje, b. June 7, 1727, m. Christiaan Christiaanse; Isaac, ————, 1730.

JOHANNES, son of Jan Baptist, m. Neeltje, dau. of Carel Hansen Toll, Oct. 28, 1720. He lived on the north side of the Mohawk, near Hoffman's Ferry, on land received from his father-in-law, Carel Hansen Toll. Ch. bp: Helena, June 2, 1722; Carel Hansen, Feb. 16, 1724; Elisabeth, b. Sept. 10, bp. Sept. 17, 1725, m. Louis Groot; Eva, Sept. 25, 1728, m. Hendrick Wemple; Jan Baptist, May 30, 1731; Catharina, February 25, 1733, m. Claas Veeder; Neeltje, Feb. 15, 1736, m. Alexander Lansing; Abraham, Oct. 15, 1738.

ALEXANDER (Sander), son of Jan Baptist, m. Neeltje, dau. of Lourens Claese Van der Volgen, March 8, 1731. He made his will 1756, proved Aug. 3, 1758, and spoke only of four ch. Jan Baptist, Jacobus, Lourens and Geertruy. Ch. bp: Helena, April 30, 1732; Lourens, Sept. 23, 1733; Helena, June 13, 1736, m. …… Thomas; Jan Baptist, April 29, 1739; Jacobus, February 28, 1742; Jacobus, March 31, 1745; Lourens, Jan. 1, 1748; Geertruy, Dec. 23, 1750, m. Willem Stevens.

JOHANNES, son of Evert, m. Anna Van Vechten, wid. of Pieter Winne of Koksaggie, Dec. 29, 1733. In 1769 he resided in Caughnawaga. Ch. bp: Antje, Jan. 5, 1735; Evert, Jan. 28, 1741.

JACOBUS, son of Jan Baptist, m. Catharina, dau. of Helmigh Veeder, March 18, 1702/3. He was an Indian trader in 1744; in 1759, trading with the Chenussio Indians (Senecas) at Irondequoit. Ch. bp: Jan Baptist, Dec. 18, 1743; Helmich, Nov. 17, 1745; Lena, Nov. 16, 1746, m. Willem Teller; Anna, Aug. 27, 1749; Jan Baptist, Nov. 10, 1751; Margarita, Nov. 3, 1764.

JACOBUS, son of Alexander, m. Engeltie, dau. of Johannes Wendel, Dec. 6, 1764. He lived in Swagertown, made his will June 16, 1820, proved Feb. 18, 1822, then had sons Alexander and Lawrence, &c. Ch. bp: Neeltje, Oct. 5, 1766, m. Isaac Vedder; Annatje, Jan. 15, 1769; Alexander, Dec. 9, 1770; Johannes Wendel, Oct. 16, 1774; Lourents, June 8, 1777; Maria Catarina, May 9, 1779.

JAN BAPTIST, son of Jan Baptist, m. Maria, dau. of Isaac Truex, Nov. 19, 1743; an Indian trader, was taken prisoner 1763 by the Ottawas on Lake Erie, but escaped and reached Detroit in safety; was at Oswego 1748 in some public capacity, perhaps resident commissioner. Ch. bp: Helena, Dec. 26, 1744, m. Arent N. Van Petten; Catlina, May 13, 1750, m. Eldert Tymessen; Jan Baptist, b. June 2, bp. June 17, 1752, d. Oct. 28, 1821; Sarah, Nov. 3, 1754; Isaac, July 10, 1757; Isaac, Sept. 9, 1759; Anna, Sept. 20, 1761, m. Hendrick Ten Eyck.

ABRAHAM, son of Evert, m. Susanna, dau, of Abraham Glen, Nov. 3, 1750. He made his will 1760, proved May 16, 1775, spoke of wife Susanna, and ch. Maria and Effie. Ch. bp: Effie, Aug. 9, 1752; Maria; Effie, Aug. 24, 1756; Abraham, March 18, 1759; Evert, Jan. 10, 1762; Abraham, b. Sept. 20, bp. Sept. 23, 1764; Debora, bp. March 10, 1771.

JAN BAPTIST, son of Johannes, m. Annatje, dau. of Harmanus Vedder, May 2, 1761. He inherited a portion of his father's property at Hoffman's Ferry; made his will Sept. 9, 1809, proved Dec. 24, 1814, spoke of wife Annatje, sons John, Harmanus, Albert and Carl, and dau. Susanna De Graaf, Jannetie Veeder, Agnes Vedder, Nelly Swart and Lena Swart. Ch. bp: Susanna, Jan. 24, 1762, m. Isaac De Graaf; Johannes, Feb. 10, 1764, d. Aug, 29, 1847, a. 82ys, 9m. 2d., buried at West Glenville; Jannetje, b. April 16, bp. May 18, 1766, m. Peter V. Veeder, d. March 13, 1848; Harmanus, Jan, 14, 1768; Anganietje, Oct. 6, 1771, m. Arent Albertse Vedder; Elisabeth, May 22, 1774; Harmanus and Helena, Sept. 8, 1776; she m. Jeremiah B. Swart; Maria, Dec. 27, 1778; Maria, Oct. 5, 1780; Neeltie, m. …… Swart; Carel, May 11, 1783; Albert, b. May 13, 1785, d. March 17, 1831, buried near Hoffman's Ferry.

JAN BAPTIST, of Glenville, son of Alexander, m. Jannetje, dau. of Sander Lansing, Dec. 20, 1760. He made his will Oct. 3, 1813, proved Mar. 27, 1815, spoke of sons Alexander, Gerrit, James, John, and dau. Nelly and Angelica, wife of Abraham Cole. Ch. bp: Alexander, February 28, 1762, resided in Charlton; Gerrit, b. Jan. 30, bp. Feb. 5, 1764; Neeltje, March 1, 1767; Engeltje, June 25, 1769, m. Abraham Cole; Jacobus, Oct, 8, 1772; Harmanus, June 12, 1775; Jan Baptist, Oct. 19, 1777.

ABRAHAM, son of Johannes, m. first, Margarita Veeder, Nov. 15, 1761, and secondly, Debora, dau. of Jan Viele, Oct. 11, 1768. He had a farm at the Aalplaats. His first wife d. about Feb. 7, 1763. Ch. bp: Margarita, Feb. 7, 1783, m. Jacob Swits; Neeltje, b. August 12, bp. Sept. 11, 1769; Debora, bp. Dec. 29, 1771, m. Hillebrant Banta (?); Catarina, June 19, 1774, m. Arie Banta (?); Johannes, Sept. 1, 1776; Helena, Sept. 6, 1778, m. Myndert Swart; Elisabeth, January 28, 1781; Eva, May 11, 1783. Ch. b: Maria, August 7, 1785; Carel, Dec. 9, 1787; Abraham, Dec. 8, 1793.

JAN BAPTIST, son of Jacobus, m. Margarita, dau. of Harmanus Peek. He d. June 6, 1839; she d. Sept. 14, 1820. Ch. bp: Jacobus, April 24, 1774; Harmanus, Feb. 11, 1776; Margarita, Mar. 22, 1778; Johannes Peek, August 13, 1780; Jesse, Jan. 25, 1783, d, Feb. 28, 1851. Ch. b. Henricus Veeder, June 29, 1785; Alexander, April 14, 1789; Sarah, June 19, 1792, m. Jerome N. Barhydt, and d. July 31, 1872; Abram Truex, Jan. 25, 1799, d. May 19, 1833.

LOURENS, son of Alexander, m. Margarita Folmer. Ch. bp: Alexander, May 17, 1775; Neeltje, Oct. 5, 1777; Debora, April 30, 1780; Catarina, Oct. 27, 1782; Geertruy, b. May 11, 1786; Johannes, Sept. 24, 1791.

LOURENS, son of Jacobus, of Swagertown, m. Neeltje, dau. of Cornelis Van Slyck. Ch. b: Jacobus, Sept. 8, 1800; Cornelius, March 4, 1803; Anna Maria, June 1, 1805; Peter Cornelius, Feb. 5, 1807; Robert Smith, October 6, 1811; Alexander, Feb. 28, 1814.

GERRIT, son of Jan Baptist, m. first, Geertruy Clute, and secondly, Sarah, dau. of John Heany, in 1795. He d. in Glenville, May 19, 1844, in his 81st year; she d. in 1854. Ch. b: Susanna, March 12, 1785; Gerardus, Dec. 23, 1788; Jan Baptist, March 18, 1797, d. 1867; Elisabeth, May 25, 1801; Jane, Nov. 4, 1803, d. 1872; Maria, Jan. 30, 1807; James, June 21, 1809; Amelia, 1812, d. 1872.

ALEXANDER, son of Jan Baptist, m. first, Jacomyntje, dau. of Teunis Pootman, Nov. 1, 1788; secondly, Margarita Folmer about 1796. Ch. b: Jan Baptist, Jan. 2, 1789; Rebecca, July 29, 1792; Alexander, May 1, 1797.

JACOBUS, son of Jan Baptist, m. Suster, dau. of Pieter Van Gyseling, Oct. 26, 1790. He d. March 2, 1827; she d. March 31, 1859, a. 84ys., 3m. Ch. b: Jannetje, March 31, 1791, m. James F. Bratt, and d. Jan. 28, 1856; John B., July 18, 1793; Jacob, Aug. 11, 1795, d. March 29, 1859, in Rotterdam; Margariet Vedder, June 11, 1800; Eva, June 7, 1802; Cornelius, Sept. 20, 1806; James Alexander, Sept. 13, 1808; Sarah Catharine, Dec. 30, 1817, d. July 17, 1818.

JACOBUS, son of Jan Baptist, m. Elisabeth, dau. of John Henry. Ch. b: Jannetje, May 26, 1798; Henry, Oct. 12, 1800; Cornelius, Oct. 18, 1802; Harmanus, July 4, 1806; Elisabeth, Nov. 9, 1810; Abraham, Oct. 25, 1812.

JOHN, son of Abraham, m. Eva, dau. of Johannes Van Petten. Ch. b: Abram, Feb. 19, 1799; John, Feb. 9, 1804; Carel Hansen, August 11, 1806; Jacob Swits, Aug. 1, 1809.

JOHN, son of Jan Baptist, m. first, (Ann Barnes?), wid. of Daniel Egan, Nov. 30, 1791, and secondly, Debora Brouwer. His first wife d. about Feb. 3, 1794; his second wife outlived him, and d. May 14, 1843, in her 80th year. Ch. b: Anna Maria, February 3, 1794; Nancy Margaret, Oct. 4, 1805, d. Sept. 23, 1826.

JOHN JR., m. Polly, dau. of John Henry. He was deceased at the baptism of his last child, Ch. bp: Samuel, June 1, 1800; John Henry, April 18, 1804; Gerrit, April 24, 1806; Elisabeth, Sept. 5, 1808; Harmanus, Jan. 2, 1813; Angelica, Oct. 6, 1814; William, July 11, 1815.

ALEXANDER, of Swagertown, son of Jacobus, m. first, Clara, dau. of Cornelis Van Slyck, Aug. 30, 1794. She d. May 18, 1821, a. 49ys., 8m., 28d., and he m. secondly, Eve ……, who d. April 9, 1840, a. 66ys., 1m., 24d. Ch. b: Engeltie, June 17, 1796, m. John L. Van Eps, and d. Sept. 2, 1825; Catharina, Oct. 24, 1799; Neeltje and Maria, Oct. 4, 1802; Jacobus and Neeltje, July 16, 1807.

ABRAM JR., m. Anna, dau, of Charles and Anna Miller, March 16, 1793. She was b. Feb. 9, 1766, and d. Sept. 20, 1826.

JOHN W., son of Jacobus, m. Mary Slover of New Amsterdam, July 26, 1795. Ch. b: Engeltje, Aug. 29, 1796; Jacob, Sept. 17, 1797; Jacobus, Jan. 24, 1799; Rebecca, Sept. 5, 1800; Neeltje, Dec, 7, 1801; Daniel, May 14, 1803.

JOHN, m. Jannetje Van Vleck. Ch. b: John, Aug. 28, 1796; Abigail, June 21, 1798; Agnes, Aug. 4, 1809.

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