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Schenectady, New York City Directory: 1841-2

Name Listing: A to F

This list contains the personal and business entries from the 1841 Schenectady city directory. Each address is linked to the street listing, so you may go directly from a name to view a list of neighbors, and back again.

In order to minimize the confusion caused by variant spellings and spacing, the normal sorting order has been modified. Last names are filed without regard to case, spacing or punctuation, Mac and Mc are filed together as Mac, and names beginning with St. are under Saint. Entries with no first name are placed at the beginning of the listing for their last name.


Abbot, J., 33 Front

Abbot, Jacob, baker, 29 Water

Able, David, 21 Maiden-lane

African Church, 25 Jay

Albright, James M., painter, 8 Monroe

Allen, (no name), Mrs., teacher, Mill-lane

Allen, David, mason, 7 Front

Allen, John, tailor, 7 Liberty

Allen, John H., Cotton factory

Allen, Leonard, shoemaker, 68 Front

Allen, Lewis, carpenter, 101 Liberty

Anderson, Daniel, 20 Green

Anderson, George, shoe store, 71 Ferry

Anderson, George, carpenter, 8 Franklin

Anderson, John, grocer, 179 State

Anderson, John, 21 Front

Anderson, William, tanner, currier and dealer in leather, residence 29 Barret

Anthony, George, grocer, 45 Ferry

Anthony, Jared, grocer, Dock, residence 43 Ferry

Anthony, William H., baker, 43 Ferry

Apprentices' Association, Colonnade, 116 State

Apps, Abram, 23 Fonda

Armsby, David, blacksmith, 48 Front

Arnold, Lorenzo M., civil engineer, office Colonnade row, residence 147 State (Given's hotel)

Arnold, Mary, widow, botanic medicine, 72 Ferry

Asa, Betta, 63 Front

Austin, Albert B., saddle and harness maker, 185 State, residence 191 State [See also]

Ayres, Elias, 48 Front


Babcock, John, cooper, 24 College

Babcock, Robert, 32 Rotterdam

Backus, Jonathan T., Rev., 184 State

Backus, Peter, near North

Backus, William, 93 Front

Bailey, Alonzo, 7 College

Bailey, Joel C., Clute & Bailey, 9 College

Baker, David H., carpenter, 34 Front

Baker, William, mason, 93 Front

Baldwin, Samuel, clerk, Clute & Bailey, Bowery

Banker, Isaac, blacksmith, 34 Green

Banker, John, carpenter, 4 Yates

Banker, Peter, 9 State

Baptist Church, 72 Maiden-lane

Barhydt, (no name), widow, 29 Green

Barhydt, Andrew J., segar maker, 29 Green

Barhydt, Andrew V. S., grocer, 24 Ferry

Barhydt, Anthony, 46 State

Barhydt, Cornelius I., 32 Green

Barhydt, Cornelius L., blacksmith, shop 16 Canal, residence 65 Liberty

Barhydt, Jerone N., 59 Green

Barhydt, Jeronimus, revolutionary soldier, Pine

Barhydt, John, 17 Green

Barhydt, John N., 15 Ferry

Barhydt, John S. M., contractor, 16 Green

Barhydt, Lewis, blacksmith, Bowery

Barhydt, Lewis John, cabinet maker, 44 Front

Barhydt, Nicholas, 139 State

Barhydt, Nicholas Jr., Love-lane

Barker, Harvey, 75 Barret

Barker, John, brickmaker, 2 Lafayette

Barker, John, 53 Green

Barker, Jonathan, brickmaker, 55 Barret

Barker, Jonathan, brickmaker, 26 Barret

Barker, Jonathan, 1 Lafayette

Barker, Joshua, brickmaker, Liberty

Barker, Lorenzo, brickmaker, 2 Lafayette

Barker, Peter H., shoemaker, 25 Church

Barlow, (no name), turner, 20 Ferry

Barlow, George, 29 Ferry

Barlow, W. W., bookseller, 97 State, residence 21 Liberty

Barnard, Jacob, 96 Liberty

Barnard, Maria, widow, 6 Barret

Barnard, Stephen, broommaker, 23 Barret

Barnes, Michael, 46 State

Barnet, Anthony, stone cutter, 46 State

Barringer, William, 81 State

Barringer and Brothers, merchants, 81 State

Bartley, Susan, 112 Liberty

Bassett, Abner, 30 Canal

Bassett, Nehemiah B., 110 Union

Batt, Levi, teacher, 6 Liberty

Battel, Ferrel, tailor, 12 Jay

Bazeley, (no name), Mrs. A. E., principal, female seminary, 31 Washington

Beal, William Henry, boat agent, 52 Liberty

Bearup, J., Miss, dress maker, 6 Ferry

Bearup, Thomas, 37 Front

Becker, Charles, carpenter, 34 Lafayette

Becker, Philip, carpenter, Barret

Beckley, John P., merchant tailor, 132 State, residence 72 Liberty

Bedbury, J., mason, Bowery

Beech, Isaac N., 107 State

Beekman, Christopher, 1 Washington

Beers, Harlow, tanner, 201 State

Beers, I., mason, 108 Liberty

Beler, Jacob, baker, 37 Ferry

Bellows, (no name), widow of Benjamin, 66 Liberty

Benedict, E & L., hat store, 85 State, dwelling 8 & 10 Liberty [See also]

Benedict, John, tin and hardware dealer, 121 State, residence 70 Liberty [See also]

Benedict, William F., 117 Union

Bensen, Gerret, 108 Union

Bensen, Richard V., 108 Union

Bentley, Susan, mantuamaker, 5 State

Benton, Edward K., 12 Yates

Bertrand, Jeremiah, fancy store, 112 State [See also]

Best, Henry C., carpenter, 24 Barret

Bice, John, segar maker, 21 College

Bigford, Benjamin, 68 Ferry

Bills, Horace B., Eagle Lunch, 150 State

Blackburn, Vincent, machinist, 20 Green

Bolles, William F., bookbinder, 76 State

Bonny, J. B. & E. B., merchant tailors, 87 1/2 State [See also]

Bonny, John S., tailor, 17 Liberty

Bonny, Myndert V. G., tailor, 10 Ferry

Bouck, James M., attorney at law, office 150 State, residence 175 Union

Boutel, Fisk, 10 White

Boyd, (no name), widow of David, 18 Church

Boyd, John H., teller, Mohawk Bank, 18 Church

Bradt, Daniel C., butcher, 179 State

Bradt, Harmanus, 37 Front

Bradt, Peter, carpenter, 64 Front

Bradt, Sebastian, carpenter, 8 Ferry

Bradt, William, painter, 29 Fonda

Brazee, Hiram, 61 Jay

Briggs, Arey D., confectioner, 7 State [See also]

Briggs, Nathan, 164 State

Broderick, John, exchange office, 25 State

Brogan, John, 21 Jay

Bronk, Henry, carman, 75 Liberty

Bronk, John, 54 Jay

Brooks, Christian H., deputy sheriff, 26 Union

Brotherson, John, attorney, &c., 110 State

Brower, Garret, 11 Water

Brower, Harmanus, lamp lighter, 73 Liberty

Brower, Julia, 5 Barret

Brower, Peter, painter, 11 Washington

Brown, Albert, cabinet and chair maker, 64 State, residence 35 Liberty

Brown, Amos, 35 Rotterdam

Brown, Harvey, grocer, 17 Dock

Brown, Horace J., clerk, 35 State

Brown, James, 8 Jay

Brown, Solomon, Barret

Brown, William, farmer, 9 Fonda

Brummaghim, John, grocer, 25 Dock

Brummaghim, Richard, 46 State

Bryan, James, Mill-lane

Bucklin, Caleb, 51 Fonda

Bullock, (no name), widow, Cotton factory

Burgess, Helen, widow, 43 Jay

Burnham, Jonathan C., 14 Green

Burnham, William, 20 Dock

Burt, Daniel, grocer, 36 State, residence 23 Church

Burt, David, 39 State

Bush, (no name), widow, boarding house, 21 Liberty

Butler, N., 39 Green


Caldwell, Jeremiah, 66 Maiden-lane

Cameron, William, carpenter, Bowery

Cameronian Church, 59 Maiden-lane

Campbell, Archibald, county clerk, 104 Union

Campbell, George, canal collector, 13 Franklin

Campbell, Jacob, tobacconist, 11 Canal [See also]

Candee, William L. & Co., merchants, 103 1/2 State

Carley, Gerardus Q., merchant, corner of Church and State

Carn, Michael, 46 State

Carter, Stephen, tailor, 131 Union, residence 26 Front

Case, Joseph G., 94 Liberty

Case, Levi, 25 Canal

Case & Briggs, grocers, 145 State, residence 25 Canal [See also]

Catt, Sampson, mason, 2 Albany

Chalmers, (no name), widow, 102 Union

Champion, Hiram, grocer, 129 Union

Chandler, (no name), widow, 69 Union

Chandler, James, physician and dentist, 2 Liberty [See also]

Chandler and Son, turners, 75 Union

Chapman, Thomas, innkeeper, 8 Washington

Chequer, Charles, shoemaker, 51 Ferry

Chism, Catharine, 18 Maiden-lane

Chism, John, 21 Maiden-lane

Christiance, (no name), widow, 13 Maiden-lane

Christiance, Isaac, 6 College

Christiance, Jacob, shoemaker, Monroe

Chrysler, William, grocer, 10 Water

City Hotel, 136 State

City Mill, (Strong's), 27 Water

Clark, Edward, carpenter, 88 Union

Clark, Ephraim, stone mason, 140 Union

Clark, Ephraim, stove moulder, 8 Barret

Clark, Jacob, machinist, Bowery

Clark, Misses, 144 Union

Clark, Nathaniel, carpenter, 74 Maiden-lane

Clark, Stephen, 101 Liberty

Clark, Thomas, tanner, 13 Rotterdam

Clark, Wakeman, carpenter, Bowery

Clary, Timothy, grocer, 47 Liberty

Clews, Eve, widow, 12 College

Clinch, Robert, carpenter, 46 Front

Clows, (no name), widow, tailoress, Bowery

Clute, (no name), widow of Cornelius, 11 Rotterdam

Clute, (no name), widow of Bartholomew, 69 Maiden-lane

Clute, (no name), widow of C. M., 15 Lafayette

Clute, (no name), widow of Peter, 19 Green

Clute, (no name), widow of Frederick P., 27 Green

Clute, Abraham O., teacher, 132 Liberty

Clute, Angelica, widow, 155 Union

Clute, C. B., grocer, 212 State

Clute, C. C., C. C. Clute & Co., 144 State, residence 31 Liberty [See also]

Clute, Eleazer, engineer, 18 Green

Clute, Frederick N., tailor, 133 Union, dwelling 18 Ferry

Clute, Henry, 54 Front

Clute, Jacob I., carpenter, 52 Front

Clute, Jacob P., beer maker, Barret

Clute, James B., paver, 8 Albany

Clute, John B., teacher, 197 State

Clute, John B. Jr., machinist, 31 Liberty

Clute, John Bt., merchant, 77 State

Clute, John S., 30 Rotterdam

Clute, Nicholas P., 112 Liberty

Clute, Peter I., machinist, 31 Liberty

Clute, Richard, 18 Green

Clute, Walter, merchant, 124 Union

Clute, Walter S., shoestore, 44 State [See also]

Clute, William H., hatter, 58 Front [See also]

Clute & Bailey, furnace, 47 Liberty [See also]

Clute & Reagles, wagons, ploughs, &c., 215 State

Clute & Teller, hatters (spelled Clutte), 90 State [See also]

Cobb, Catharine, Bowery

Cobb, Frederick N., 46 Union

Cochran, Elizabeth, 29 Water

Cochran, John, attorney, 110 State

Cochran, Peter S., 16 Washington

Cochran, Walter L., 16 Washington

Cochran, William D., silversmith, 123 State

Cofman, John, 24 Liberty

Cogswell, Martin, blacksmith, 11 Water

Coine, Patrick, butcher, 69 Front

Colborn, Simeon, 15 Rotterdam

Cole, Spencer, engineer, 27 Canal

Cole, William, engineer, 116 State, residence 27 Canal

Colehammer, Philip, 16 State

Collector's Office, (Canal), 16 Dock

Collins, Bryant, 12 Jay

Collins, Daniel, 61 Maiden-lane

Collins, James, 67 Maiden-lane

Combs, William H., 102 Union

Conant, Gideon, hatter, 119 State, residence 5 Court Place

Conant, William B., hatter, 100 State [See also]

Conde, Isaac H., carpenter, 6 Court Place

Conde, N. Degraff, grocer, 13 Washington

Consaul, John, shoemaker, 8 Dock

Consaul, Joseph, 182 State

Constable, John, 44 Washington

Conway, Lawrence, 69 Green

Cooley, E. P., broom maker, 155 Union

Cooper, (no name), widow of George, 3 Washington

Cooper, Ann, Mrs., 63 Front

Cooper, George, lumber merchant, yard 29 Dock, residence 3 Washington

Cooper, Stephen, moulder, North

Corl, John, 39 Green

Coss, John, Cotton factory

Costigan, Patrick, 145 Front

Court House, 26 Union

Courter, James, stage agent, 147 State

Cox, Hugh, pump maker, 177 State

Cox, Maxwell, engineer, 179 State

Craig, Archibald, corner of Union and Church

Cramer, William, 42 Jay

Crandell, Green G., collector, 4th ward, corner of Maiden-lane and Liberty

Crane & Davis, merchants (spelled Crain), 154 State [See also]

Cunningham, Leonard, carpenter, 124 Union

Cunningham, Robert, furnace, 8 Fonda, residence 141 Union [See also]

Cunningham, William, merchant, 93 State [See also]

Curtis, Hiram, railroad collector, 19 Washington

Cuyler, John, 10 Green


Dagget, Stephen A., attorney, 83 Ferry, residence 5 Front [See also]

Dailey, Daniel, 68 Green

Dana, Francis, barber, 146 State

Dance, Gertrude, tailoress, 43 Maiden-lane

Dance, Walton, 43 Maiden-lane

Davis, (no name), widow of John, 21 College

Davis, Daniel G., hatter, 13 Green

Davis, Deborah, widow, 60 Maiden-lane

Davis, Harvey, 166 State

Davis, John, Rev., 18 State

Davis, John, stone cutter, 52 Jay

Davis, John K., assistant teacher, Lyceum, 18 State [See also]

Davis, Thomas, carpenter, 34 Lafayette

Dealy, Peter, carpenter, 165 State

Dean, Charles, 12 Green

Deforest, Jacob J. carpenter, 8 Washington

Deforest, Martin, 5 Washington

Deforest & Wolf, shoe store, 59 State

Degoaler, William T., 6 Front

DeGraff, Daniel S., wagon-maker, 41 Front

DeGraff, Isaac, 13 State

DeGraff, John I., 15 State

DeGraff, Nicholas A., innkeeper, 4 Water

Denny, John, 146 State

Devoe, Christopher, 36 Union

Devoe, H., boarding house, 143 Union

Devoe, John, 146 Union

Deyo, Samuel, carpenter, 18 College

Dickenson, Hannah, 39 Barret

Dillenback, Daniel, 22 Barret

Dingman, Peter, 33 Front

Distney, Robert, 99 State

Dix, John, shoemaker, 167 State

Dodge, Benjamin, 71 Maiden-lane

Dodge, Luke, livery stable, 154 State, residence 71 Maiden-lane [See also]

Dolan, Michael, Bowery

Donally, Daniel, blacksmith, 97 Liberty

Donnelly, Edward, 145 Front

Dorn, Robert C., saddler, 35 Green

Dorr, Alfred, Church continued

Dorsh, Peter, carpenter, 19 Green

Doty, (no name), Mrs. Abraham, milliner, 68 State

Doty, Abraham, painter, 68 State

Doty, Hiram, victualling cellar, 16 Dock

Douw, Elisha B., 82 Liberty

Douw, Jacob, 37 Barret

Doyle, (no name), widow, 237 State

Drulard, Nathaniel, victualling cellar, 123 State, residence 60 Jay

Duane, Cornelius, 60 Union

Duane, James C., 60 Union

Duane, William N., Dr., 41 Union

Duboice, John, 96 Union

Dubois, Charles, machinist, 56 Front

Dunbar, (no name), widow, Bowery

Dunbar, George, merchant, Bowery

Dunbar, Jacob, Bowery

Dunbar, James, carpenter, Bowery

Duncan, George, shoemaker, 149 Union

Duncan, John M., 149 Union

Dunham, Watson, cabinet maker, 64 State, residence 3 College

Dunlap, John, blacksmith, 51 Green

Dunlap, Thomas, Dr., 3 Canal

Dunn, Nelson, 160 State

Durkee, Selah O., police constable, 65 Union

Durneady, William, 3 Maiden-lane

Dutch Church, 21 Union corner of Church


Edick, John H., mason, 24 College

Edmond, Joseph, Cotton factory

Edwards, John, 49 Maiden-lane

Eldridge, Isaac, 84 State

Eldridge, Phebe, milliner, 84 State

Ely, James H., merchant tailor, 113 State, residence 74 Liberty

Engine No. 1, 15 Canal

Engine No. 2, 28 Ferry

Engine No. 3, 81 Liberty

Engine No. 4, 31 Canal

Engine No. 5, 81 Liberty

Engine No. 6, College Hill

Enis, Abijah, tin peddler, 4 Albany

Episcopal Church, Ferry

Eygner, Jonas, broom maker, 11 College


Fagan, Thomas, merchant, Colonnade, residence 6 Jay

Fairchilds, A., mason, Amanda

Farnsworth, Elizabeth, widow, 63 Front

Farnsworth, John, 63 Front

Farrel, Andrew, carpenter, 167 State

Farrel, Lucy, Mrs., dress maker, 12 State

Fegan, James, 63 Front

Felthousen, Daniel, grocer, corner of Union and College, residence 47 Maiden-lane

Felthousen, James D. grocer, residence, residence 7 Yates

Felthousen, Rachael, 10 Jay

Felthousen, William J., 30 Union (Tammany Hall) [See also]

Fenhout, Cornelius, shoemaker, Cotton factory

Fetherly, Philip, 1 Albany

Finch, (no name), Mrs., tailoress, Barret

Finch, Lewis, rail road ft of inclined plane

Finch, Sarah, 30 Lafayette

Fisher, Alexander B., saddler and harness maker, 138 State [See also]

Fisk, Francis, 179 Union

Flanders, Parker P., carpenter, 20 Lafayette

Flansburgh, Francis, innkeeper, 58 Washington

Fodder, Eve, widow, 43 Maiden-lane

Fodder, John J., 78 Liberty

Follet, William, blacksmith, 62 Liberty

Fonda, Alexander G., Dr., 15 Union

Fonda, D. Edgar, Dr., 15 Union

Fonda, Garrit, Bowery

Fonda, Jacob, hatter, 105 State [See also]

Fonda & Van Ingen, attorneys, 13 Union

Forester, James, 229 State

Forrest, David P., justice, 128 Colonnade, residence 14 College

Forrest, Robert, blacksmith, 62 Liberty

Fowler, Isaac, bar keeper, Given's hotel, 147 State

Fowler, J., carpenter, Bowery

Foye, Patrick, 20 Dock

Frame, Andrew, engineer, 55 Green

France, John C., recruiting sergeant U. S., 166 State

Frank, Jacob, tailor, 99 Liberty

Frank, Martin, 144 Union

Freeman, A. Y., 4 Yates

Freeman, Elisha L., paints and oil, 98 State [See also]

Freeman, Richard, 16 Union

Freeman, Russell, 2 Yates

Freeman, Volney, clerk, Mohawk Bank, 121 State

Freeman, William, broom maker, 15 Washington

Fritcher, Henry, tailor, College

Fullager, John, merchant, 37 Union corner of Ferry [See also]

Fuller, (no name), widow of Jeremiah, corner of Front and Church

Fuller, (no name), Mrs., dress maker, 8 Yates

Fuller, Daniel, 8 Yates

Fuller, Henry, attorney, 130 State

Fuller, John, grocer, 5 & 6 Dock

Fuller, Robert M., 39 Ferry

Fuller, William, grocer, 10 Dock

Furman, Philip H., watchmaker, 139 State [See also]

Furman, Rensselaer, merchant, 79 State

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