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Corporate Executives and Other Businessmen in the 1841-2 Schenectady, New York City Directory

(Thanks to Ann Kidalowski for data entry help with this file.)

Mohawk Bank

James C. Duane, James Walker, Nathan Garnsey, Cornelius S. Groot, John I. DeGraff, Peter I. Clute, Isaac M. Schermerhorn, Samuel W. Jones, John Mathews, Alexander C. Gibson, Henry C. Yates, Nicholas Swits, William B. Walton, directors.

James C. Duane, president; William B. Walton, cashier; John Boyd, teller; Volney Freeman, clerk.

Schenectady Bank

Ephraim Benedict, Daniel Barringer, William Cunningham, Jay Cady, Harvey Davis, Gideon M. Davison, George McQueen, Benjamin M. Mumford, Sidney B. Potter, Freeman Stanton, directors.

Archibald Craig, president; Alonzo C. Paige, vice-president; Thomas Palmer, cashier; William H. Palmer, teller; William L. Goodrich, bookkeeper.

Mercantile Bank

Simon C. Groot, Charles H. Tomlinson, Nicholas Van Vranken, John Ohlen, Levi Benedict, William McCamus, Andrew S. McPherson, directors.

David Tomlinson, president; Daniel D. Campbell, vice-president; Stephen S. Riggs, cashier; James L. Benedict, clerk.

Schenectady Savings Bank

Alonzo C. Paige, president; William Cunningham, vice-president; Thomas Palmer, treasurer; William A. S. North, secretary; William H. Palmer, accountant.

Funding Committee: Alonzo C. Paige, William Cunningham, Archibald Craig, and Thomas Palmer.

Monthly Attending Committee: George McQueen, Harvey Davis, John Pangburn.

Trustees: Alonzo C. Paige, Archibald Craig, Ephraim Benedict, Wm. Cunningham, Benjamin M. Mumford, Harvey Davis, William A. S. North, Archibald Campbell, George McQueen, John Pangburn, C. C. Van Vranken, William B. Walton, Henry C. Yates.

Schenectady Mutual Insurance Company

Archibald L. Linn, John Ohlen, Peter Banker, William McCamus, Isaac M. Schermerhorn, Gerrit W. Veeder, John Constable, David Hearsey, Simon C. Groot, Theodoric R. Van Ingen, Nicholas Swits, John Sanders, directors.

John Sanders, president; John Ohlen, vice-president, Theodoric R. Van Ingen, secretary; Nicholas Swits, treasurer and general agent; Theodoric R. Van Ingen, attorney and counsellor.

Mohawk and Hudson Rail Road

Uriah Hendricks, John B. Lasala, John Laurie, Samuel Stevens, John Keyes Paige, Archibald Craig, Thomas Palmer, William L. F. Warren, John Clark, directors.

Uriah Hendricks, president; Archibald Craig, vice-president.

Archibald Craig, John Keyes Paige, Samuel Stevens, William L. F. Warren, Thomas Palmer, executive committee.

Archibald Craig, Thomas Palmer, auditing committee.

Thomas Palmer, secretary; John Costigan, superintendent; Mechanic's Bank, N.Y., Register of Transfer

Utica and Schenectady Rail Road

Erastus Corning, Alfred Munson, Nathaniel S. Benton, Alonzo C. Paige, Lewis Benedict, James Hooker, Nicholas Devereux, Charles A. Mann, Jay Cady, Marcus T. Reynolds, John Townsend, Theodore Sedgewick, Thomas W. Olcott, directors.

Erastus Corning, president; Gideon Hawley, treasurer; William C. Young, superintendent.

Schenectady County Medical Society

James C. Magoffin, president; Alexander M. Vedder, vice-president; James Chandler, secretary; Andrew Truax, treasurer; Thomas Dunlap, Leonard Sprague, James Magoffin, --- Wilson, Edward D. Young, censors.

Practising Attorneys

Abraham Van Ingen, Samuel W. Jones, Archibald L. Linn, Platt Potter, Stephen A. Daggett, Alexander C. Gibson, John Sanders, Henry Fuller, David Cady Smith, Stephen H. Johnson, Theodoric R. Van Ingen, Alexander Fonda, John Howes, John Brotherson, James B. Van Vorst, Thomas Mumford, Joshua D. Harman, Charles Fuller, John Cochran, George W. Rathbun, Thomas W. Harman, James M. Bouck.

Practising Physicians

Thomas Dunlap, William N. Duane, Alexander G. Fonda, Daniel McDougall, Daniel J. Toll, James C. Magoffin, Leonard Sprague, James Chandler, D. Edgar Fonda, Alexander M. Vedder, Edward H. Wheeler.


James Chandler, Volney Smith, Elihu Vedder.

Public Notaries

John Mathews, Ephraim Benedict, Stephen S. Riggs, John Brotherson.

Schenectady County Agricultural Society

William A. S. North, president; John I. DeGraff, James Walker, Gerrit W. Veeder, Abraham Pearse, Theodore W. Sanders, Damiel D. Campbell, James Smilie, James Ferguson, vice-presidents.

Archibald L. Linn, corresponding secretary; Alexander G. Fonda, recording secretary; William B. Walton, treasurer.

John Clark, James R. Craig, Harvey Davis, William N. Duane, Stephen A. Daggett, Nicholas Brooks, Abraham Warren, James Donnan, Hiram P. Allen, members of the standing committee.

1841-2 Directory
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