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Advertisements in the 1841-2 Schenectady, New York City Directory

These advertisements are on unnumbered pages at the front of the directory. They have been scanned at 160% so that the fine print is legible. File sizes are noted next to the links.

These images are also accessible from their entries in the name and street listings through the [See also] links.

1 (99K)

Dry goods: C. S. Groot, Sidney B. Potter, N. Van Vranken, Simon V. Vedder, James McElhenny

2 (86K)

Dry goods or groceries: John Ohlen, William Cunningham, C. L. Lindley & Co., Mullen & Gallagher, William McCamus & Co., D. L. Powell, Crane & Davis, Case & Briggs, L. W. Lacy

3 (97K)

Groceries: John Fullagar, Van Vranken & Dunbar, James Walker, J. M. Waltermire, N. Swits, Stewart & McCallum
Glass, plates, lamps, shoes: George Ohlen

4 (91K)

Saddle and harness maker: D. P. Greeno, Albert B. Austin
Boots and shoes: Van Eps & Van Olinda, John Seely, W. S. Clute, Robert Gray, D. Vedder & Co.
Guns: William E. Russell

5 (93K)

Drugs, glass, wood: David H. Snell
Tailor: David Mix, J. B. & E. B. Bonny, William Van Vranken
Shoes: A. P. Springer
Saddle and harness maker: Joseph Lyon, Alexander B. Fisher

6 (77K)

Matthew Putman/City Hotel, William J. Felthousen/Tammany Hall, Your House, P. Whiteside/Rail-Road House
Ice Cream: A. D. Briggs
Medical: Alexander M. Vedder, James Chandler, V. Smith, Andrew Truax
Music: J. W. Kinnicutt

7 (94K)

Watches and clocks: P. H. Furman, G. J. Swortfiguer
Hats: Clute & Teller, William B. Conant, American Hat Store, D. W. Van Aernam, E. & L. Benedict
Gravestones: P. & M. Hood

8 (93K)

Attorneys: Stephen A. Daggett, Sanders & Johnson
Stock and collar: Isaac B. Mix
Paints: E. L. Freeman
Carriages and sleighs: H. L. Ward
Livery stable: Luke Dodge
Hairdresser: R. P. G. Wright
Hardware: C. C. Clute & Co.

9 (91K)

Stoves and iron: Clute & Bailey, A. A. Van Vorst, John Benedict, Smith & Case

10 (86K)

Stoves: Robert Cunningham/Union Furnace
Tobacco: J. Campbell, Isaac K. White
Books and music: S. S. Stevens

11 (111K)

Schenectady Lyceum and Academy
Giles Manwaring Jr., John K. Davis
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12 (96K)

Schenectady Lyceum Board of Visitors and Board of Trustees
Hairdresser: John Xavier
Fancy Goods: Mr. Bertrand

If you don't have a graphical browser, the text of the Lyceum ads (as well as images of both pages) is available here.

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