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Schenectady County, New York Census Statistics: 1825

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[The statistical compilation from which this information has been extracted has been scanned and made available [7.55MB PDF file (3rd out of 5 files in the 1825 set), requires free PDF viewer] by the New York State Library as part of their digital historical documents program.]

Agricultural Statistics for Schenectady County, New York: 1825
 Town of DuanesburgTown of GlenvilleTown of NiskayunaTown of PrincetownTown of RotterdamCity of SchenectadyCityCounty
Ward 1Ward 2
Acres of Improved Land27,34216,3173,5798,7327,8782,0901,8233,91367,761
—— % of County40.3524.085.2812.8911.633.082.695.77 
Neat Cattle4,7882,4485071,3361,56037833371111,350
—— % of County42.1921.574.4711.7713.743.332.936.26 
—— % of County35.4522.744.3011.4513.935.336.8112.13 
—— % of County46.7524.933.9110.9611.131.570.742.32 
—— % of County30.8426.823.229.9616.634.867.6612.52 

Source: Census of the State of New York, 1825.

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