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Schenectady County, New York Census Statistics: 1820

[Visitors to the Central Library of the Schenectady County Public Library may view the records from which these statistics are derived on microfilm or through our Ancestry subscription. The original statistical tables for the 1820 Census may be found at the Census Bureau (requires free PDF viewer).]

U. S. Census Statistics for Schenectady County, New York: 1820
 Town of DuanesburgTown of GlenvilleTown of NiskayunaTown of PrincetownTown of RotterdamCity of SchenectadyCityCounty% of County
Ward 1Ward 2
Free White Males under 10 years607423911812302662935592,09116.00
of 10 and under 1628620447931211201522721,0237.83
between 16 and 1893601421282943722882.20
of 16 and under 26 *35822548871421381693071,1678.93
of 26 and under 45 *30523145941341641983621,1718.96
45+ *22318436701071141192338536.53
Free White Females under 10 years513392731752262632495121,89114.47
of 10 and under 162761572477901161492658896.80
of 16 and under 26 *383221431061391742223961,2889.85
of 26 and under 45 *29823649961291481963441,1528.81
45+ *1911493170921331292627956.08
* including heads of households
Total Free Whites3,4402,4228871,0491,4101,6361,8763,51212,32094.26
Foreigners Not Naturalized4725415122269911941.48
Number of Persons Engaged in Agriculture6484351032002801031062091,87514.35
Number of Persons Engaged in Commerce44100255176850.65
Number of Persons Engaged in Manufactures1421071417581042453496875.26
Slaves - Males under 14 years0000000000.00
of 14 and under 26001075611190.15
of 26 and under 4503102426120.09
Slaves - Females under 14 years0000000000.00
of 14 and under 260110441115210.16
of 26 and under 4512227246200.15
Total Slaves212102292027471020.78
—— Slaves % of place0.060.481.940.191.901.111.281.20 
Free Colored Persons - Males under 14 years61523282832601140.87
of 14 and under 262631413619350.27
of 26 and under 451201192130350.27
Free Colored Persons - Females under 14 years6631232636621010.77
of 14 and under 2646419121628520.40
of 26 and under 4526107122739550.42
Total Free Colored Persons2155157781211392604543.47
—— FCP % of place0.602.192.910.655.126.736.586.65 
All Other Persons Except Indians Not Taxed47254151232701022051.57
—— AOP % of place1.340.990.781.400.781.783.322.61 
—— Total % of County26.8619.233.958.2111.7013.7616.1529.92 

Heads of families classified as "Free Colored Persons" may be found in Free Heads of Families.

The original questions from and research tips about the 1820 Federal Census may be found at CensusFinder and Ancestry.

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