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Schenectady County, New York Census Statistics: 1807

[The original schedules for the 1807 New York State Census of Electors were destroyed in the 1911 State Archives fire. The statistical compilation from which this information has been extracted has been scanned and made available [778K PDF file, requires free PDF viewer] by the New York State Library as part of their digital historical documents program.]

New York State Census Statistics for Schenectady County, New York: 1807
 Town of DuanesburgTown of PrincetownCity of SchenectadyCityCounty% of County
Ward 1Ward 2Ward 3Ward 4
Electors, possessed of freeholds, of the value of 100 pounds27610912916210419058597065.23
Electors, possessed of freeholds, of the value of 20 pounds and under 100 pounds12105141332453.03
Electors, not possessed of freeholds, but who rent tenements of the yearly value of 40 shillings1103212291437433047231.74
Electors, who were freemen on the 20th of April, 1777000000000.00
—— Total % of County26.779.5516.8817.3510.8318.6363.69  

Source: 1808 legislative proceedings, p. 138.

Notes: Schenectady County was part of Albany County until March 7, 1809. The Town of Niskayuna was still part of the Town of Watervliet (in present-day Albany County) until 1809 and isn't counted here.

The third ward of the City of Schenectady became the Town of Rotterdam in 1820, and the fourth ward became the Town of Glenville.

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