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Schenectady County, New York Census Statistics: 1790

[Visitors to the Central Library of the Schenectady County Public Library may view the records from which these statistics are derived on microfilm or through our Ancestry subscription. The original statistical tables for the 1790 Census may be found at the Census Bureau (requires free PDF viewer).]

U. S. Census Statistics for Schenectady County, New York: 1790
 Town of DuanesburgTown of SchenectadySchen. So. MohawkCityCounty% of County
Heads of Families281113582695976 
Free White Males 16+4101808991079148925.33
Free White Males to 16369170675845121420.65
Free White Females86532814831811267645.53
All other Free Persons103434350.60
—— AOFP % of place0.060.000.980.80  
—— Slaves % of place0.3010.3210.9710.86  
—— Total % of County28.0712.8659.0771.93  

Notes: Schenectady County was part of Albany County until March 7, 1809. The Town of Niskayuna was still part of the Town of Watervliet (in present-day Albany County) until 1809 and isn't counted here.

The area called "Town of Schenectady" is actually what became the Town of Glenville in 1820. "Schenectady South of the Mohawk" includes what became the Towns of Princetown (1798) and Rotterdam (1820) as well as what is now the City of Schenectady.

Heads of families classified as "All Other Free Persons" may be found in Free Heads of Families.

Because some of the original 1790 Schenectady census records suffered severe damage, some entries are partially illegible and the actual number of slaves is unknown.

The original questions from and research tips about the 1790 Federal Census may be found at CensusFinder and Ancestry.

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