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Book of Plans of the New York State Barge Canal

[This information is from the Book of Plans of the New York State Barge Canal, a collection of over 150 11" by 17" engineering drawings issued as a supplement to the annual report of the New York State Engineer, Frank M. Williams (Albany: Lyon, 1920). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 626 N53.]

[This section is currently in development, so the content is limited for now.]

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Map of the Barge Canal and connected waterways1
Typical channel sections, prism wall, concrete trough and bank protection2
Special canal locations:
High lift locks and short levels, Waterford to Crescent3
Devious route around deep gorge, Medina4
Typical Lock — Pile foundation:
Detail location plan5
General plan and elevation6
Sections of lock walls7
Foundation plan and details of buffer-beam recesses8
Detail of lower end of lock9
Detail of upper end of lock10
Miscellaneous lock details11, 12
Detail plan and sections of approach walls13
Details of gates, upper end of lock14
Details of gates, lower end of lock15
Details of gates, upper and lower ends of lock16, 17, 18
Details of buffer beams, upper and lower ends of lock19, 20, 21
Details of valves, upper and lower ends of lock22, 23, 24
Combined lock — Rock foundation:
General location of locks and dam25
General plan and elevation of lower lock26
General plan and elevation of upper lock27
Sections of lock walls28
Sections of lock walls and details of buffer-beam recess29
Wooden lock-gates:
Detail plans of upper gates30
Detail plans of lower and middle gates, combined lock31
Sections of gates at various heights32
Details of anchorage, pivot and pivot socket33
Details of castings34
Details for setting quoins and pivots35
High-lift lock — Deep foundation in hard rock; lift gate and side pool36
Siphon lock — Arrangement of culvert, vacuum tank and valves37
Lock operating equipment:
Machinery for culvert valves38
Machinery for miter gates39
Cabinet for machinery for gate or valve operation40
Conduit and wiring diagram41
Capstan, lockwall type, wiring diagrams for gate and valve equipment42
Controller for gate, valve and capstan motors43
Switchboard for lock power-house; Lombard governor, Erie type44
Hydro-electric — General plan of building45
Hydro-electric, horizontal-shaft generator — Arrangement of machinery46
Hydro-electric, vertical-shaft generator — Arrangement of machinery47
Gasoline — Assembly of engine and generator48
Fixed dam in canalized river — Gravity type, with long spillway for flood discharge49
Fixed dams for storage reservoirs:
All masonry — Gravity type50
Earth and masonry — Gravity type
Plan, profile and sections51
Plans and sections showing discharge pipes, gates and chambers52
Elevation and section at gate chamber and details of gates53
Screens, racks and floor plates for gate chamber54
Movable dam — General plan, elevation and section; relation between dams and locks on Mohawk River55
Movable dam — Sector gate and bridge types:
General plan, elevation and sections56
Details of west abutment57
Details of pier and fixed dam58
Details of east abutment59
Details of sill, bridge dam60
Details of operating pier, sector gates61, 62
Details of gates, bridge dam63
Details of gate supports, bridge dam64
Details of winch track, bridge dam65
Details of chain boxes, bridge dam66
Details of winch, bridge dam67
Details of sector gates68, 69, 70
Details of props and breast walls, sector gates71
Details of hinge and assembly of weir tubes, sector gates72
Details of weir tubes, sector gates73
Movable dam — Taintor gate type:
Masonry plan74
General plan of steelwork and details of needle beam and counterweight75
Details of gates76
Details of thrust beam, balance beam, post and link77
Assembly and details, operating machinery78
Details of operating machinery79
Dam with automatic crest:
Layout and masonry plan80
Details of movable crest81
Miscellaneous details82
Layout and foundation plans83
Masonry details84
General plan of steelwork85
Details of steel in gate86
Details of center tower87
Details of outside tower88
General plan of operating machinery89
Details of operating machinery90, 91
Siphon spillway in by-pass — Plan and details92
Bulkhead for power development:
Masonry plan93
Gates and operating trestle94
Waste weir and gates95
Stream entrance — Retention dam and entrance channel96
Reinforced concrete aqueduct:
Plan, elevations and cross sections97
Details of reinforcement for arch98
Miscellaneous details99
Highway culvert — Arch type; stone masonry100
Through culverts:
Semicircular type — plain concrete101
Double box type — reinforced concrete:
Plan and sections102
Dive culverts:
Box type — reinforced concrete104
Horseshoe type — reinforced concrete105
Cast-iron pipe encased in concrete106
Three-hinge steel arch bridge:
Location plan, general section, masonry details and sidewalk brackets107
Plan and elevations of abutments108
Floor plan and details of arches109
Details of arch rings and floor-beam connections110
Details of superstructure111, 112
Reinforced concrete arch bridge:
General drawing; details of abutment113
Floor plan and section of approach114
Elevation and typical sections115
Details of reinforcement116
Details of sidewalk and brackets117
Parapet walls and conduit manholes118
Electric lamp poles119
Country highway bridge:
General plan, elevation and sections of approaches120
Details of pier121
Details of east abutment122
Details of west abutment123
Details of superstructure124, 125, 126, 127, 128
Steel cantilever bridge:
General drawing and details of substructure129
Cantilever girders130
Suspended girders and cross frames131
Concrete cantilever bridge:
Layout, plan and elevation133
Horizontal and longitudinal sections134
Cross-sections and railing details135
General drawing (A) — Plan and pit sections136
General drawing (B) — Elevation and miscellaneous details137
Elevation of truss138
Details of floor system139
Details of lifting frame140
Arrangement of operating machinery141
Bascule bridge:
Layout of bridge and details of main girders142
General drawing143
Arrangement of operating machinery and machinery for latching device144
Reinforced concrete bridge abutment — Curtain wall and buttress on base — pile foundation146
Terminal piers and dockwalls:
Gravity type; pier and slab type; details of mooring cleat and snubbing-post147
Pile dock — three types148
Reinforced concrete sheet pile dock — two types149
Pier with timber crib foundation — two types150
Pier with pile foundation — two types, at ocean terminals151
Navigation aids:
Concrete lighthouse tower152
Steel tower:
General drawing and details153
Details; tank house for tower light154
Tank house for highway bridge light; pile-cluster light155
Post-light cabinet156

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